MGS4 PS3 now up for pre-order in the US

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 24 October 2008 20:13 GMT


As you can see on Amazon, the MGS4 special edition PS3 is now available for pre-order ahead of a November 4 launch.

Yours for a piffling $449.99. Assuming you live in America.

Thanks, PS3F.

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Gunmetal Grey Ps3

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    We have a sneaking suspicion this isn’t going to be sold. Following the calamity that was trying to order the limited edition gunmetal PS3 in the US, someone’s stuck one up on eBay for $9,999. See here. For God’s sake, no one buy it. Even if you’re made out of diamonds, or something. Just don’t.

  • offers gunmetal MGS4 PS3 in the UK’s listing the limited edition gunmetal MGS4 PS3 as being for sale in the UK. It’s due for release on June 12, according to the retailer. This is despite the fact that Konami said it was still waiting for confirmation on the issue back in April, and both Eurogamer and Gamespot ran confirmation stories yesterday […]

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