All future SCEJ UMD games to be downloadable

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 9 October 2008 13:30 GMT


Sony confirmed at TGS today that all future SCEJ UMD titles are to be directly downloadable, CVG reports.

Destroy All Heroes 2 will be the first game released under the new policy, hitting Japanese stores as UMD and the PS Store as a download on October 15, the same day Japanese PSP owners get direct access to the outlet.

Other SCEJ titles heading to a memory card near you in the near future include:

  • Secret Agent Clank – November 20
  • PATAPON2 DonChaka – November 27
  • LocoRoco2 – December 4
  • ENKAKU SOUSA -23 days for the “Truth” – Winter 2008
  • Gunshot and the Diamonds (working title) – Spring 2009
  • RESISTANCE: Retribution – Spring 2009

Shopkeepers will be pleased. More through the link.

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