CoD4 still dominant in Live play charts

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 24 September 2008 07:52 GMT

Call of Duty 4’s top of the Live play charts. As it has been forever. That doesn’t mean we’re going to stop telling you it’s top. No way. We celebrate the win. Just like Tiger Woods. Call of Duty 4 is the Tiger Woods of console shooters. It punches the air and screams victory like no other Xbox Live-enabled FPS.

Last week’s charts here. Data for week beginning September 15.

  1. Call of Duty 4
  2. Halo 3
  3. GTA IV
  4. Gears of War
  5. Madden NFL 09
  6. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  7. Guitar Hero III
  8. Rock Band
  9. Rock Band 2
  10. FIFA 09 Demo

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Call Of Duty 4

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