O’Donnell, Sanger et al on “The state of game audio”

By Mike, Thursday, 4 September 2008 22:41 GMT

There’s a very interesting article over at RPS, where co-owner Jim Rossignol looks at the “State of Game Audio” by interviewing sound designers “Marty ‘Halo’ O’Donnell, CryTek’s Florian Füsslin, Introversion’s Chris Delay and the legendary George Sanger.”

The piece looks in-depth at why videogame audio is so often overlooked, whilst arguing that it’s integral to gameplay:

“Perhaps it’s fair that sound takes a back seat because that’s how we’re wired, but those of us who are sound designers know how much influence we actually have,” says O’Donnell.

Everything’s explained through the link.

Go read.

By Mike Bowden

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Chris Delay

George Sanger

Jim Rossignol

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