“Arms race” makes sequel development tougher, says Capps

By Patrick Garratt, Monday, 18 August 2008 20:19 GMT

Speaking in his GCDC keynote today, Epic boss Mike Capps has said simple tit-for-tat feature comparison makes his life more difficult, especially when developing sequels.

“Making a sequel to a game is always tougher – especially given the arms race we’re seeing in videogames development,” he said.

“Games do not compete in fun experiences, they compete in the number of weapons, and unfortunately it’s easy for someone to compare this game to that game, ‘this game has 10 multiplayer levels but this one has 29. So clearly this game must be better’.”

Capps added: “If you can imagine if movies competed in this way, ‘Well sure Schindler’s List was good but I know this three and a half hour long movie – think of the value you’re getting for your ten dollars’. It doesn’t work that way and unfortunately we still find ourselves competing this way… we have to compete in quality not size.”

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