Mass changes to Guild War GvG combat enforced

By Patrick Garratt, Saturday, 9 August 2008 09:05 GMT


According to this Massively piece, large-scale changes have been implemented to Guild Wars’ guild-versus-guild combat, as detailed in bewildering length on GuildWarsGuru.


The key component to the GvG changes involves the complete removal of the Victory or Death finale effect. This means the Guild Battle NPCs no longer walk to the flag stand and the Guild Lord’s health has been reduced to 1680, yet he gets a 300 max health boost for the rest of the game when a team obtains a morale boost. What does this all mean for GvG? Basically, previous strategies will need a complete revamp to be effective anymore. This should be interesting for those guilds who have dominated the ladder for so long.

So there we are.

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