F-A-I-L: Scrabulous removed from Facebook

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 31 July 2008 08:56 GMT

Facebook app Scrabulous is fighting the law: the law’s winning. As a result of ongoing litigations with Scrabble IP-owner Hasbro, the Scrabble clone is no longer sitting pretty on the social networking site.

Users who attempt to log into Scrabulous, instead of engaging in a rousing session of time-wasting fun, now receive a succinct message prompting them to sign up for a mailing list that will send out updates about Scrabulous’ status.

We can’t help but wonder why Hasbro didn’t simply purchase Scrabulous and feed off the app’s existing user base, but it looks like they instead chose to roll the dice.

You do that in Scrabble, right?

By Nathan Grayson

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