Sony’s MAG to be rebranded as SOCOM title?

By Patrick Garratt, Monday, 21 July 2008 06:34 GMT

Massive Action Game, while certainly an apt description of Sony’s 256-player action title, isn’t the punchiest moniker we’ve ever heard. Luckily, according to an insider who contacted Kotaku, the game’s current ID may soon be a thing of the past.

The source was apparently part of a focus group that saw the game a month or so before E3. They claim that the game may sport one of a few potential taglines, such as “Shadow War,” “Zero,” “Global War,” or “Final Hour.” Since Zipper Interactive, erstwhile developer of the SOCOM series, is slaving away at MAG, the insider believes it’s not much of a stretch to expect a new SOCOM title to be the end result of the whole deal. More telling, he says that Zipper used images from SOCOM 3 as visual examples of the possibilities that MAG offers.

In addition, the blab-prone focus tester detailed MAG’s rank system, which allows players to eventually reach a near RTS-like state of omniscient power – even allowing those high-ranked players to set objectives for their team.

For even more in-depth details about MAG, click the link.

By Nathan Grayson

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Massive Action Game

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