Everything you missed from the Microsoft and EA E3 press conferences last night

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 15 July 2008 08:03 GMT


Update: You can get exhaustive news from the Sony and Nintendo conferences here.

In case you’re some kind of oddball that doesn’t like spending evenings immersing yourself in the glory of videogaming news on the internet, he’s absolutely everything that happened in the Microsoft and EA press conferences at E3 last night. Don’t say we don’t do anything for you.

News from the Microsoft E3 press conference

News from the EA E3 press conference

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Ea Pc E3 2008

  • EA condenses E3 press conference into handy announcement

    After the break. Just for ease. The Rage signing‘s the biggest thing in there, without doubt. Read all the rest of our coverage from the EA conference here.

  • First Sims 3 in-game footage published

    EA’s put out the first in-game footage of the Sims 3, as part of its E3 press conference last night. It’s on Shacknews. No other Sims 3 info doing the rounds this morning from what we can see, so this will have to do for now.

Microsoft E3 Pc 2008

  • "We knew it was coming", says Sony VP of FFXIII 360 announce

    Sony vice president of product development, Scott Rohde said in a video interview (see below) at E3 this week that the company “knew it was coming” when asked about Microsoft’s capture of Final Fantasy XIII at its press conference on Monday. However, Rohde seems unperturbed by the news, proclaiming that 2008 is “the year of […]

  • Xbox 360 dashboard walkthrough video released

    After the drop. If you’re wondering how the new Xbox 360 dashboard will work and what it will look like, all is explained below. Dashboard update coming “fall” this year. By Mike Bowden