Gears 2 flamethrower to have fuel meter, more new stuff

By Patrick Garratt, Saturday, 14 June 2008 08:23 GMT

Game Rumour‘s posted up new Gears of War 2 details, taken from an interview with Epic engine programmer Mark Thompson. Apparently:

  • COG and Locust will each have 12 character models (they had seven each in the first game).
  • A new map announced, “Dusk” puts players in a smaller, Raven Down style map.
  • New flamethrower has a fuel meter instead of ammo clips, and will jam if continually fired.
  • Hammer of Dawn will have only three charges until it “burns out”. A fourth charge is possible, but it will cause the weapon to explode, killing the character and enemies near by.

More through the link.

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