Tecmo responds to Itagaki’s “distortions” over unpaid bonuses

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 4 June 2008 08:10 GMT

Update: The full release is, in Japanese, here. As translated by Kotaku:

Our company getting sued by this employee is huge problem… the reasons for making this lawsuit public are self-centered. What’s more, this employee is filing this suit for himself and making it seem like he alone is responsible for the development of the game titles the rest of the Team Ninja staff had poured its heart into.

Team NINJA is currently working on a line-up of new titles. All of Team NINJA is starting to work together on interesting new game titles.

Tecmo has issued a response to Tomonobu Itagaki’s statement yesterday saying he was leaving the company over an unpaid completion bonus.

The statement, paraphrased here by IGN, says that the bonus Itagaki mentioned was agreed under previous management and that the developer has been paid through the company’s bonus structure every year.

The note also refers to damages sought against CEO Yoshimi Yasuda as being the product of “distortions” from Itagaki.

The Tecmo statement goes on to complain about Itagaki’s public disclosure of the situation, which it considered to be a personal matter. It also accuses Itagaki of referring to Team Ninja’s productions in his statement as if they were developed exclusively by himself.

More through the link.

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