E3 keynote Governor is religious nutter

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 3 June 2008 10:13 GMT


Texan Governor Rick Perry, the guy giving E3’s keynote this year, believes that all non-Christians are doomed to an afterlife in Hell.

Perry’s sensible views have been outed by the Dallas Morning News, after he attended a 90-minute service at the Cornerstone “megachurch” in the Texas city, hosted by a Rev. John Hagee.

During the ceremony, Hagee said, “If you live your life and don’t confess your sins to God almighty through the authority of Christ and his blood, I’m going to say this very plainly, you’re going straight to hell with a nonstop ticket.”

Afterwards, Perry said, “In my faith, that’s what it says, and I’m a believer of that.”

Brilliant. As this Escapist piece points out, Perry was also involved with the formation of a law last year that denies financial incentives to games developers who produce titles with “inappropriate content.”

We’re just hoping someone gets busy with the eggs on July 15.

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