Rumour: Ninja Gaiden 2 runs at 585p?

By Patrick Garratt, Sunday, 1 June 2008 16:18 GMT

The people over at the beyond3d forums are reporting that Ninja Gaiden 2 only runs at 585p.

However, so far they have only tested screengrabs from the recent demo.

“It seems 1120 for horizontal but need confirmation. There are no good screenshots for horizontal check,” says the post.

“For vertical 585 it’s relatively sure and reliable. 1120×585 would be another type of anamorphic resolution, opposed to the other classic anamorphic 1024×600 use in some X360 (COD4, PGR3, Oblivion, TR…) but there are little more pixels in 1120×585 than in 1024×600 and 1120×585 is the better use of the EDRAM space that i have seen. It’s 9.998MiB, just a 2KiB residue unused. Maybe it explains this choice.”

So now you know.

By Mike Bowden

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