No new Portal this year, says Valve

By Patrick Garratt, Saturday, 26 April 2008 09:20 GMT

Speaking at the EA Games Studio Showcase in London yesterday, Valve’s Doug Lombardi confirmed that there won’t be a new Portal this year.

“In typical Valve tradition, it won’t be Portal with different colours,” he said, speaking to Eurogamer. “I think that when you hit something like that, you have two choices: you can quickly replicate it and stick it out there – do the opportunistic thing and cash in on it; or you can do the crazy thing like we did after Half-Life was so successful and go off and try and say, ‘Okay, that was revolutionary, so its successor has to be equally as revolutionary.’

“That’s the spirit I think we’re approaching it in,” he added. “You won’t see a new Portal at retail this Christmas because of that. That’s the trade off. People want more, but we don’t want to give them more of the same right away because that would just be boring.”

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