EA acquisition allowed Mythic to delay Warhammer Online, says Drescher

By Patrick Garratt, Saturday, 26 April 2008 13:53 GMT

Speaking to videogaming247 at yesterday’s EA Games Studio Showcase in London, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning associate producer Josh Drescher said the MMO could have shipped a year ago had Mythic not been acquired by EA.

“We certainly could have shipped the game a year ago and we probably would have done fine in the market, but one of the benefits that came with being acquired by EA was more time and more resources, and the opportunity to do things the way in our hearts we really wanted to do it, and to not be constrained by the limitations that an independent developer is going to face,” he said.

“When you’re out on your own in the wilderness developing a game, and you look at your time-line and you go, ‘On this date the money runs out and the game needs to be out the door or the lights get shut off,’ that’s a daunting sort of thing. We operated that way for a decade or more. We now have the opportunity of continuing to sort of try to stay as close as possible to a schedule, but if we can see real value in extending the development process, we now have that option. It’s been very helpful to us.”

The game has been repeatedly delayed, most recently at the end of March.

Warhammer Online was looking peachy keen at yesterday’s event, and is heading for an autumn release. To listen to the full interview with Josh, hit the play button below.


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