Houser: We haven’t fleeced GTA

By Patrick Garratt, Monday, 21 April 2008 07:23 GMT


In a Variety interview, Rockstar chief Dan Houser’s spoken about how Rockstar’s managed to keep GTA at the top of its game for the past decade.

“The intellectual property is the main asset in the company,” he said. “That’s why GTA is still relevant 10 years later. We haven’t put one out every year. We haven’t fleeced it. And we haven’t put it on 50 different formats. We’re not per se against moving properties between different media but for GTA it just seems so perfect as a game. You lose a lot of what makes it what it is if you move it into being, say, a movie. It just never seemed interesting creatively.”

Creativity is key, said the bald boss.

“We’ve had successful launches before but our angle is always creativity,” he said. “Mainly because we’re in a position where we see games slowly gaining credibility as an art form as a medium.

“A lot of other people want to purely look at that from a business angle. For those of us who spend years slaving over making the thing, the thing isn’t ‘We make this much money.’ That isn’t interesting. The thing is, ‘Does it resonate with people and take an interesting place in their cultural fabric?’ That’s an interesting story to us.”

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