Wii is a “virus”, says Epic boss

By Patrick Garratt, Sunday, 20 April 2008 18:07 GMT

Speaking in an IGN interview, Epic head Mike Capps has been less than complimentary about Wii’s general success, dubbing the system’s proliferation a “virus”.

It’s a virus where you buy it and you play it with your friends and they’re like, ‘Oh my God that’s so cool, I’m gonna go buy it,'” he said. “So you stop playing it after two months, but they buy it and they stop playing it after two months but they’ve showed it to someone else who then go out and buy it and so on. Everyone I know bought one and nobody turns it on. Obviously there’s a class of people who really love it and enjoy it and are getting into the games but I’m still waiting for that one game that makes me play it.”

Capps was speaking at the Midway Gamer’s Day last week. Thanks Megatonik.

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