Belloq from Indiana Jones: “I will never play a game in my life”

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 18 April 2008 09:44 GMT


This has to rank as one of the greatest videogames interviews of all time. Eurogamer got some time with Paul Freeman – the actor that played wicked French gold-digger Belloq in the original Indiana Jones movie – as part of Lego Indy PR. A bit:

Eurogamer: Does it look like the sort of game you might be able to get into?

Paul Freeman: Me? No. I will never play a game in my life.

Eurogamer: Even though you’re in this one?

Paul Freeman: But I’m not, am I? It’s this little fat plastic cube… It doesn’t look the least bit like me. How could it, a little yellow plastic cube? It wears a white hat at some point. It is better than Marian’s, though. They haven’t made her the most beautiful LEGO figure in the world, have they? Her hair looks a bit like a tea cosy. It’s strange.

Must-read. Go now.

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