Swordfish: There’s no geo-political context to Fiddy 2

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 4 April 2008 12:46 GMT


50 Cent: Blood on the Sand has got nothing to do with reality, director Julian Widdows has told CVG, and certainly isn’t a political statement. Just to be clear, this is absolutely not Fiddy Does Iraq, Motherfucker.

“It’s fictional, it’s an ‘everyman’s war zone’, is the way we describe it,” he said. “It’s an arcade game, so it needs to be implacable in many senses. There’s no geo-political context to this game.

“It’s clearly a crime story. The arch bad guy – we can’t tell you who it is but it’s a pretty high profile American actor – will be instantly recognisable. But he’s an American. The first key bad guy that you encounter, who you’re actually working for at this point, is an American. The guards you shoot in the third act are all Russian. And so it’s an international crime syndicate which is operating in this everyman’s war zone. It’s the hood beyond the hood. It’s a crime story, a gangland story.”

Glad we got that sorted out.

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