Telegraph publishes most insane anti-games editorial yet

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 2 April 2008 12:11 GMT

This is pretty much amazing. The Telegraph claims to be a “quality” broadsheet, if you’re not familiar, but appears to have shown its true ridiculousness in a better way than we ever could.

In an editorial entitled, “There is a majority against vile video games, and it is moral”, writer Jenny McCartney claims that, to the logic that most people exposed to violent video games don’t go on to commit real murder, “the instinctive objection remains, and it is indeed rooted in morality: the sense that it is wrong for anyone, child or adult, to spend long hours electronically rehearsing the prolonged agony and detailed humiliation of other human beings for their own amusement. It is insidiously corrupting to their view of themselves and other people.”

As is the Telegraph’s wont – dressing up near-rabid non-arguments with flowery diction – this directly translates as “I think this is right, but I’m essentially making this up.”

Please read that article. Unlike Jenny McCartney, it’s important.

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