PEGI is best for UK, says EA

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 1 April 2008 14:24 GMT

Here. EA boss Keith Ramsdale still thinks PEGI’s the best choice to rate UK games, despite confirmation that the BBFC will be rating all games meant for 12 year-olds and over in the wake of the Byron Report.

“As an Industry we have been unanimously clear that there should be a single system and that system should be PEGI,” he said. “PEGI is an efficient system to help people make appropriate content choices for players of all ages. A Nielsen study showed PEGI has 94% awareness with the UK game-playing public and it follows a tougher regime than the BBFC. In 2007 PEGI gave 47 titles an 18 rating but BBFC downgraded 21 of those to 15 or less. We believe that UK consumers will be far better served with this system and this route would offer the most practical, efficient and compliant system.”

He added: “EA believes PEGI is the most suitable system for rating video games. EA and the wider Industry have and will engage with the appropriate Government departments to ensure the right decisions are made in the best interest of the British public.”

Changing the mind of the Government? Good luck.

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