Microsoft owns patent on in-game soundtracks, says site

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 1 April 2008 05:41 GMT

According to this, Microsoft filed a patent in 2006 to “own” in-game soundtrack functionality. According to that report, the patent covers:

  • receiving a request to launch a game in a gaming system;
  • determining whether the game has a user-associated soundtrack;
  • if the game has a user-associated soundtrack:
  • launching the game; and
  • playing the user-associated soundtrack;
  • if the game does not have a user-associated soundtrack:
  • allowing a user of the gaming system to select a soundtrack to play while the game is executed; and
  • playing a default soundtrack if the user of the gaming system does not select a soundtrack.

That article concludes that Sony hasn’t been allowing custom soundtracks because of the above. Apart from in a few games. Which are magically exempt from the patent. Remember all that stuff about Nintendo owning a patent on rumble technology? No? That’s because that didn’t make any difference either.

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