Dyack talks trilogy, feels “extraordinarily good about Too Human”

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 11 March 2008 07:37 GMT


Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has said a Too Human trilogy is largely mapped out and has gone on the record to say he feels comfortable with showing off the long-in-development first part later this year.

“I feel that, in general, from a personal perspective – both internally, and people who’ve worked on the project – feel extraordinarily good about Too Human,” he said. “And I think the overarching, real hurdle is going to be what you guys [the media] think about it.

“my opening [when I demo it] is really going to be: Let’s forget about the stuff from the past, and judge the game for what it is. Look at it fairly from that perspective. And I feel if that happens, we’re OK.

“You know, if it doesn’t, we’re just going to live with it; but I’m just, sort of from a personal perspective on where the game has come, I’m still happy with it. I think it’s great. I think it’s gone beyond all our expectations and it’s more than I wanted it to be in some ways.”

Dyack went on to reveal that Too Human – a game that actually started life on N64, fact fans – is merely the first part of a trilogy and that the storyline for the entire thing is ongoing.

“The whole script in the entire trilogy has been worked on quite a bit,” he said. “It’s the only way. What I like about what we’ve done, with the trilogy itself… You have some games, and you have some movies being called ‘trilogies,’ that were never meant to be trilogies. The first one was successful, they decided to do more, they decided to call it a trilogy. You know, there’s four, they call it whatever you want to call it. And there’s decologies, or whatever. You know, you get Final Fantasy X and stuff, but our story, our overarching story, is meant as a trilogy.”

Norse legend-based action title Too Human’s down for release this year. Read the full interview here.

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