Game to follow Free Rad’s Haze won’t be platform-exclusive, hints dev

By Patrick Garratt, Saturday, 8 March 2008 11:29 GMT


Speaking here, Derek Littlewood, project lead on Free Radical’s PS3-exclusive shooter Haze, has hinted that we can expect the company’s next project to be multi-format.

“As soon as Haze is done I’ll be throwing myself into a tricky duo of projects: ‘Having a life’ and ‘Remembering what my family look like’,” he said. “Release platforms TBD, but you can be assured they won’t have the word ‘exclusive’ anywhere near them.”

Confusion surrounding the exclusivity of Haze and subsequent speculation about the game appearing on other platforms, has been a hindrance, said Littlewood. Haze was originally announced for PS3, 360 and PC, but the latter two SKUs vanished from following press releases.

“I can appreciate the frustration that many gamers have felt about the multi-format speculation, but that’s just the thing – most of it has been speculation, not fact,” he said. “And when that results in people getting angry at the development team, I think that’s a bit unfair.”

Haze is due out in May, although no specific date’s been set as yet.

By Mike Bowden

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