Dreamcast registration request crashes Sega’s site

By Patrick Garratt, Saturday, 8 March 2008 20:07 GMT


Sega wants to know if you still own a Dreamcast, a simple question that’s resulted in a factor-12 netquake.

All you see when you hit the link at that page is, “Due the high volume of account requests, the service will be temporally suspended.”

Apparently, if you successfully navigate beyond this then Sega asks you to register your console, assuming you didn’t swap it for chocolate when PS2 came out, to activate your Dreamcast.com account. Dreamcast’s tenth anniversary’s this year, so that probably explains it.

Zorg’s probably at home shaking, unable to type. Shenmue III and Dreamcast 2 to be announced next week, Yu Suzuki to become global president, etc.

By Mike Bowden

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