Record page-count for GTA IV hands-on

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 7 March 2008 11:11 GMT


This really is the biggest yet. This GTA IV playtest weighs in at ten pages and roughly 5,000 words. A new benchmark, and surely a bare-faced challenge. Can you write more words about how good GTA IV’s going to be, website writers of the world? We doubt it. This kid’s got it down pat.

“Today, we played GTA IV,” said Chris Stead. “We tooled around for a while, you know, just testing out the cars, driving down the bustling city streets, beating on innocent peds, getting chased by the cops – the regular just screwing around and having fun thing. Then we tried out a few of the basic missions: the early activities that get you used to the new and improved GTA experience. And then we tackled some more advanced shit. Like blowing helicopters out of the air with bazookas while being chased by a fleet of cops that are all after the kilograms of heroin strapped to our back, shit.”

Winner. Go read the other 4,900 words.

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