No Counter-Strike 2 in second Orange Box, Ep 3 ‘as new as Portal’ says Newell

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 7 March 2008 07:40 GMT


Valve boss Gabe Newell can say what he likes. So when he says there’s an “oranger box” in the works, that is definitely won’t include Counter-Strike 2 and that Episode 3 will include plenty of stuff that’s never been done before, you can kind of assume it’s true.

On the subject of Episode 3, Newell said, “From our point of view, there’s enough newness in there that we want to spring it on people and say, ‘Here’s a bunch of things you’ve never seen before,’ and have multiples of those. There’s stuff that visually hasn’t been in games before. There’s certainly a number of game elements, on the order of Portal, that have never been done before.”

“We’re really happy with how the Orange Box did, and we’ll do an Oranger Box next time,” he added. When asked if the new package will contain Counter-Strike 2, Newell simply said, “No.”

No date, obviously, was given for either the Oranger Box or Episode 3.

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