DE boss backs away from Dark Sector PS3 debacle

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 28 February 2008 10:07 GMT

In an email sent to CVG, Digital Extremes CEO James Schmalz has been quick to nullify remarks made by producer Josh Austin yesterday that the PS3 version was “just not running as good as 360,” and the developer had “serious discussions about what we were going to do”.

“Never once did we feel we could not pull off the PS3 version of Dark Sector,” he said. “As with all PS3 games, it takes skill and time to optimize and we spent a great deal of time doing that. As development drew to a close, it did take one final last optimization push to get the PS3 version performing as well as the 360 version. Never once did our engine team think it could not be done, it was simply a matter of priorities in finishing a game.

“At no time did we ever think, ‘It’s not going to be optimized enough, so let’s talk to D3 about canning it.’ That is just not true.

“I hope you guys enjoy Dark Sector. I’m really glad you have liked what you have seen so far.”

Good luck with that, Josh. Check out our chat with the sci-fi slasher’s associate producer, Dave Kudirka, from yesterday.

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