GDC: New Bionic Commando owes a lot to Japanese input, says Capcom

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 21 February 2008 15:21 GMT


Capcom producer Ben Judd has told videogaming247 that the upcoming next-gen Bionic Commando game owes a lot to input from the Japanese arm of the developer.

Although primarily developed by GRIN in Sweden, Judd admitted that certain elements were directly based on Capcom Japan’s feedback.

He said the boss fights were “more typical of Japanese design, like Zelda, than Western”, and indeed other enemies – like the mechanised walkers you fight in the jungle level on display at GDC – have particular weak-points consistent with traditional Japanese game design.

The game’s now about 50 percent complete, according to Judd, although Capcom has yet to slap a release date on it.

VG247 could only stare happily over Judd’s shoulder as a series of American journalists fought over the control pad, but it looked very sharp, with huge draw distances, very varied terrain and the ability to lock your grapple arm onto virtually anything.

“There are some objects in the world you can’t do it to,” Judd said, “like, you know, water”. Thanks Ben.

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