Frontlines: Fuel of War to support 50-player games on Xbox 360

By Patrick Garratt, Monday, 18 February 2008 14:07 GMT


Frontlines: Fuel of War, THQ’s upcoming shooter, will featue online support for up to 50 players, developer Kaos Studios confirmed today.

“Frontlines will in fact have some servers set to 50 players on the Xbox,” said on the team, speaking on the company’s forums. “We have been testing for some time now and its on heck of an experience.”

The game, set in a near-future where petrol’s become a scarce commodity, is out on PC and Xbox 360 at the end of this month. It was all looking peachy when we saw it at E3 last year, so there’s every reason to be watching this with a view to buy, especially if you’re a big Live fan.

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Frontlines: Fuel Of War

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