Pre-order Turning Point, get postcards

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 1 February 2008 22:09 GMT


Codemasters has revealed details of its US pre-order campaign for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, the alternative history WWII shooter from developer Spark. US gamers who sign up early will get loads of weirdy Nazi-ish stuff, including post cards featuring game art, acces codes to “enhance the game experience”, a behind-the-scenes DVD and a 1931-53 timeline poster that shoud explain why there are swaztikas all over the Statue of Liberty. You cannot say fairer than that, you lucky, lucky people.

Turning Point is set in 1953, assumes the Nazis won WWII and starts with boatloads of mental Germans launching an attack on New York. “Late February” is when you’re going to get it, apparently.

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Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty

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