Killzone 2 will exceed 2005 movie, says Guerilla

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 29 January 2008 19:17 GMT

A Guerilla employee, using the tag EON on the company’s forums, has claimed Killzone 2 will be comparable with the now fabled 2005 E3 trailer that may not have been all it was supposed to be.

“I think there are certain things in the 2005 target movie that are easy to do in a movie but rather harder to do in a game,” he said. “In general I’d say that we exceeded it in certain areas and either met or came damn close to meeting the rest of it.”

There’s no detail on when we can expect to see the shooter again, although Mr Guerilla suggests in the thread that we may not be far away.

“I’m not even going to touch that one,” he said in response to a question on whether or not the game’s graphics have substantially improved since the last showing. “I’ll let YOU guys decide for yourselves when you see a new build.”

Three letters: G, D, C. Story here, forum thread here.

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