HD-DVD price cutting will only “prolong agony”

By Patrick Garratt, Monday, 28 January 2008 11:46 GMT

There’s no hope for HD-DVD, says this. Recent price cuts on HD-DVD players from Toshiba are “useless resistance” against Blu-ray HD movie format domination, reckons market research firm Gartner.

“Gartner believes that Toshiba’s price-cutting may prolong HD DVD’s life a little, but the limited line-up of film titles will inflict fatal damage on the format. Gartner expects that, by the end of 2008, Blu-ray will be the winning format in the consumer market, and the war will be over,” wrote analyst Hiroyuki Shimizu in Gartner’s Semiconductor DQ Monday Report.

Starting to see a pattern in all this, yet?

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