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  • Zynga to open new office in Ireland

    Zynga’s confirmed it’s to open up a new office in Ireland.

  • Farmville now available for iPad

    Farmville is a go for iPad.

  • Farmville accused of data mining

    Facebook users don’t have to use dubious apps on the social network to be at risk of a privacy breach. The Wall Street Journal reports that all ten of Facebook’s most popular apps – including Zynga’s Farmville – transmit user information to “at least 25” data mining and advertising firms, in apparent contravention of both […]

  • FarmVille now boasts 80 million monthly users

    If you need proof that social gaming is seeping into every corner of the world’s daily life, look no further than Zynga’s FarmVille, which passed the 80 million monthly user mark as of today.

  • PopCap, Bungie, Zynga start Haiti donation fund

    Game publishers and developers are asking gamers to open up their wallets and help out those devastated by the earthquake in Haiti.

  • More speakers for GDC Austin announced

    GDC Austin takes place September 15-18, and you already know that Blizzard and Sony Online will be there, but so will others. Here’s a list of the recently announced speakers and what they will be discussing: Craig Alexander , VP, Product Development, Turbine: MMOs to Consoles – Challenges, Opportunities and Emerging Trends Brandon Barber, VP […]

  • Social networking game Mafia Wars wacks 4 million users

    Zynga’s social networking game Mafia Wars has hit four million users. According to Gamasutra, daily players have doubled over the last three months, and like most free-to-play titles, it’s micro-transaction based should you choose to purchase items. To help build on the success of this genre, Zynga has hired game designer Brian Reynolds whose previous […]