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  • Xbox One YouTube app available at launch in most territories

    With the exception of Austria, Ireland and New Zealand, where it will roll out a few days later, a dedicated YouTube app will be available on Xbox One from day one in all launch territories. The app boasts Kinect voice and gesture commands, full 1080p streaming, and subscription support. YouTube and Microsoft are working to […]

  • GTA 5 YouTube policy outlined: machinima okay, spoilers not

    Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive has outlined its policies regarding user videos of Grand Theft Auto 5, if you’re keen to avoid a takedown notice.

  • Persona videos being taken off Youtube by Russian sketch actress

    Over the last couple of days video Let’s Plays, gameplay clips and even the soundtracks of Persona games have been taken down off Youtube due to copyright claims of a channel alledgedly owned by a Russian sketch comedian and news presenter.

  • Microsoft announces Upload Outreach Program, offering Xbox One consoles and games to streamers

    It would seem that Microsoft recognises the importance of YouTubers in the gaming market, as it announces the Upload Outreach Program. This will see a free console, free games, and a year of Xbox Live Gold go to 20 aspiring streamers.

  • Nintendo claims ad revenue on user-captured YouTube videos

    While generously not slapping Let’s Play creators with takedowns, Nintendo has put in ID claims on clips of its games beyond a certain length – bracketing them with adds and pocketing the revenue.

  • PlayStation 4 ad tops YouTube charts for February

    According to the Think with Google blog, the first PlayStation 4 ad totted up over 26 million views last month. Despite launching close to the end of the month, on February 20, it’s the most-viewed ad uploaded to YouTube for February, beating out a number of viral contenders like the Oreo whisper fight and Pepsi’s […]

  • PS3 YouTube app announced, available now

    PlayStation 3 has received its own dedicated YouTube app today, and Sony has kindly sent over a whopping list of app features. It can do quite a lot, it seems.

  • Vita YouTube app updated to version 2.0

    The Vita’s YouTube app has been received a significant update. Most of the changes seem to be enhancements to navigation and accessibility, with subscription management, channel views, better controls, playlists, closed captions, continuous playback, face button controls, sharing and improved search. A full change log is available on the PlayStation Blog.

  • Aero Porter, Pac-Man, YouTube head up US Nintendo Downloads

    Aero Porter and Pac-Man are just two titles on offer this week via the North American Nintendo eShop. Other titles include Invasion of the Alien Blobs!, Bloons TD 4, and the YouTube app for Wii U. Full update is below.

  • Wii YouTube app now available

    Well, this is odd. Visit the Nintendo Wii Channel and you can now grab a free YouTube app. Going by the announcement on the YouTube blog, the app is restricted to US residents only, but expected to reach other countries soon. The Wii is nearly six years old; its successor, the Wii U, launches in […]

  • YouTube now available for Vita

    Sony has announced YouTube is now available for Vita. The download is free through the US PS Vita Store on PSN, and service will allow users to do what they normally do on YouTube: recommended videos, search, access viewing history, add favorites, like or dislike a video, add trolling or positive comments. Fire up your […]

  • Wii U - Amazon video, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube announced

    Wii U can take on a more important role than the TV, so the console has a dedicated GamePad with a screen so people could play games while someone else was watching TV. It’s the first-dedicated personal screen, changing reliance on the TV screens, said Nintendo during its E3 press conference. “Wii U does three […]

  • Youtube app coming to Vita in June

    Sony has announced the Vita will soon benefit from an official YouTube app. The app is apparently quite fully featured, allowing for easy searching, commenting and marking favourites. It’s the latest in a series of Vita system software announces and additions over the past few months including nico nico, Skype, and three new social exploration […]

  • YouTube, Blinkbox, others arrive on Xbox 360

    Microsoft’s launched YouTube, Blinkbox, MSN and Muzu.TV onto Xbox 360. The YouTube app will enable users to search for videos on the service, while Blinkbox users will get access to 10,000 movies with added voice and body Kinect controls. Muzu.TV will provide music videos, while the MSN app will push its entertainment content. The new […]

  • The Last of Us trailer pulled for copyright infringement

    Viacom appears to have gone on some sort of YouTube copyright infringement rampage, with the result that a huge number of videos related to the VGAs have been pulled. One of these is the official trailer for The Last of Us, hosted on the game’s own YouTube channel, resulting in a copyright infringement notice smack […]

  • Microsoft announces Kinect voice control, Bing, YouTube and live TV watching

    Microsoft announced during its E3 press event that not only will voice control be coming to Kinect soon, but the ability to search using Bing, and the ability to watch live television programming and YouTube on the console as well.

  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Episode 4 visits the

    Four episodes into Mortal Kombat: Legacy, and we’ve hit the part voted “most likely to feature scantily clad ladies” – the origins of Kitana and Mileena.

  • Thursday Shorts, Overnight Edition - New Magicka maps, Beyonce game cancelled, Borderlands proposal

    It can’t all be doom, gloom, and the PSN being hacked. Sometimes it’s tiny, cheerful (and occasionally stupid) nuggets of news.

  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy hits 5.5 million views

    Live action web show Mortal Kombat: Legacy is going down a treat, racking up 5.5 million views in its first seven days.

  • YouTube hiring for new console applications

    Google is advertising for a new software engineer in what looks like a plan to deliver improved YouTube streaming to consoles.


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