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  • SEGA explains missing bits of Yakuza 3 a little more

    SEGA has offered up a bit more as to why some sections from Yakuza 3 were cut from the western release. Apparently, some of it had to do with timing and localization.

  • Screens - Yakuza 3

    SEGA has sent over some shots of Yakuza 3, and we’ve posted the lot below the break for you.

  • Yakuza 3 western release to miss out on Hostess Club

    Looks like when Yakuza 3′s release outside of Japan it will not have the Hostess Club bits or the Answer x Answer arcade quiz game.

  • New Yakuza 3 shots show children and gambling

    The latest round of Yakuza 3 screens show a load of children and men plying cards, obviously, which makes us more pained that the PS3 exclusive will never see release outside Japan. Still. We can but dream. And look at pictures of virtual men with awesome tattoos. So do.

  • The complete history of Nintendo, from 1889 to present

    Australian site Gameplayer’s posted a pocket history of Nintendo, and it’s essential reading. The ten-page piece breaks the company’s backstory down into bite-sized chunks, including the firm’s history in the playing cards and how it was saved by the Yakuza. Why would you not want to know that?


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