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  • Avatar Kinect is now available for download

    A post over at Major Nelson’s blog has confirmed that Avatar Kinect is now available for download.

  • Gears of War 2 huge multiplayer XP boost this weekend

    Not to be outdone by Red Dead Redemption’s big XP boost weekend, Epic Games has more than one-upped the competition.

  • Red Dead Redemption gets quadruple XP until Monday

    In the midst of their upcoming announcement about a new downloadable content pack for Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar has announced that players will received quadruple experience points for RDR online until Monday.

  • European release of Trenched delayed by Trench boardgame

    If you’re one of the many Europeans eagerly awaiting the release of Double Fine’s latest title, Trenched, you’re probably wondering what the hold up is. As it turns out, they’ve been delayed by a copyright claim by the designer of the boardgame “Trench.”

  • Tropico 3 now available on Xbox Live Games on Demand

    Kalypso Media has just announced that the banana republic nation building simulator, Tropico 3, is now available on Xbox Live via the Games on Demand service.

  • Beat Bungie at Halo, earn yourself a steak

    Bungie is conducting all sorts of festivities for its 20th anniversary celebration. Though the most enticing challenge for Halo fans is Bungie’s steak challenge. Beat the developers at Halo Reach during their 24-hour Halo marathon and they’ll mail you a pair of steaks. That’s right, steaks.

  • Xbox COO on PSN hack: "We don’t wish that upon anybody"

    So a bad thing happened to PSN recently. You may have heard about it. Given that it has ears everywhere, Microsoft also caught wind of Sony’s no good, very bad month. Make no mistake, however: the console-maker’s not popping any champagne bottles over its bitter rival’s darkest of hours.

  • Cloud Storage feature revealed for Xbox Live

    Microsoft’s announced a few additional details in a press release sent out to recap its E3 2011 announcements.

  • Microsoft issues statement regarding PSN outage

    A Microsoft representative has issued a statement to Electronic Theatre regarding the ongoing PSN issues, which are plaguing users worldwide.

  • Xbox 360 exec victim of hacker attack

    An 360 business exec has found himself on the wrong end of a hacker who didn’t like being banned repeatedly from Xbox Live.

  • Xbox Live Fall Update Preview Program now live

    A new UI? Meh. ESPN? No thanks. Zune Music? Not interested. Wait, you say our Avatars have longer legs now? Is this… is this what the future feels like?

  • Amazon discontinues Xbox Live sales is no longer selling Xbox Live titles via its website after the service was cancelled.

  • Saint's Row 3DS is also an Xbox Live game, unlocks things in Saint's Row 3

    We’re glad we threw away our coffee before walking into Nintendo’s E3 conference, because if we hadn’t, we would’ve spit it out the second we spotted the Saint’s Row logo among the parade of games announced for Nintendo’s latest handheld. Turns out, though, that THQ didn’t just figure, “Hey, you know what’d not be the […]

  • MW2 Stimulus Pack day-one buyers get seven more days of XBL Gold

    When we think of a good day-one launch, we generally picture the opposite of what happened to Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Package. Instead of landing gracefully on players’ Xboxes, the DLC crashed and exploded, and Microsoft spent hours scrambling to pick up the pieces. So, you’re probably hoping for some kind of apology, right? Too […]

  • Microsoft: No new Game Room games until "late April"

    Retro fans who – somewhat perplexingly – bought a new console to play old games, prepare to be disappointed.

  • "Loyal" Halo 2 players to gain free access to Halo: Reach beta, other free perks

    As much as we loved our original Xbox and its Tonka-tough, bullet-deflecting exterior, we jumped ship to the Xbox 360 seconds after it launched. Some people, though, aren’t so fickle. “Loyal” is what Microsoft’s calling them, and we agree. But Microsoft’s officially declared it curtains for the original Xbox’s Live service on April 15. The […]

  • Xbox Live finally integrated into Windows Mobile

    Microsoft’s formally announced Windows 7 for mobile at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The good bit? The OS’s latest iteration will incorporate Xbox Live.

  • Xbox Live really, actually coming to Windows Mobile

    As noticed by The Telegraph, Microsoft is staffing up to finally bring Xbox Live to Windows Mobile.

  • Transformers Avatar clothing now available on Xbox Live

    We’ve always wished the giant robot that appears in the background of our XBL friends list could be our avatar, but this is the next best thing. CVG‘s reporting that your Avatar can now disguise itself as a robot in disguise. Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee helmets are available, as are a number of Transformers-themed […]

  • Xbox Live boss: Cloud gaming won't overtake consoles any time soon

    European Xbox Live boss Jerry Johnson has seen what streaming videogame services like OnLive and Gaikai have to offer, but – despite their potential ability to send his main moneymaker packing – he’s not too worried. “Streaming technology is something that the industry is betting on longer term… right now I don’t believe that technology […]

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