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World of Goo creator talks about his time at ‘machine’-like EA

World of Goo creator Ron Carmel has discussed the creation of his game, the early days of his development career, his time spent at EA Pogo, and weighs up working within a large publisher against being an independent coder. No prizes for guessing which he prefers.

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  • Humble Bundle for Android 3 adds four new games

    Four Humble Bundle favourites – Anomaly: Warzone Earth, EDGE, Osmos and World of Goo – have been added in as bonus content in the latest indie package. If you’ve already purchased the latest Humble Bundle, the extra games are automatically added to your account for download – and if you haven’t, you can get on […]

  • Android Humble Bundle offers World of Goo, Edge, more

    With the latest offering, the Humble Bundle has expanded its cross-platform philosophy even further, opening the scheme to Android users.

  • World of Goo downloaded 1 million times via the App Store

    2D Boy has announced World of Goo has been downloaded 1 million times on iOS and through the Mac App Store since it was released 13 months ago. The firm said 29% of downloads and 17% of revenue came from the World of Goo’s iPhone/iPod Touch version, and 69% of downloads and 79% of revenue […]

  • PSA: World of Goo now available on Android

    2D Boy’s puzzler World of Goo has been released on the Android Market, and from now until December 5, the game is 40% off and will only run you $2.99. 2D Boys has said the game will run on the majority of devices running Android 2.2 or newer; however, since there are devices out there […]

  • Tuesday Shorts - Ni No Kuni, FF Type-0, not-actually-Darkstalkers, more

    A few little bits and bobs from here and there, lovingly condensed just for you. No really – you.

  • Steam unveils two great indie bundles: 5 games for the price of 1

    Looking for an indie game fix? Got a few bucks spare? Look no further that Steam, who is offering not one, but two awesome indie bundles for US$10 each. Which would you prefer? Indie 2D? Perhaps Indie Strategy’s more your thing? Either way, you’ll grab five great games for less than the price of one. […]

  • Thursday Shorts: AMY, Backbreaker, iPad vs PC, FFVI, Moon Diver, Ono on Chun Li's thighs

    Headlines, small witticisms, and link dumps are below. Warning: there’s quite a few today.

  • World of Goo for iPhone finally coming soon, priced 99 cents for first day

    The long awaited iPhone debut of World of Goo is finally coming to your flash drive. Developer 2D Boy posted up word on its blog that it’s sent the iPhone version of its hit arcade puzzle game to the iPhone App Store for approval and to “expect it to be out soonish”.

  • Deus Ex: GOTY PC 80 MS points at GFWMP

    Deus Ex. 99 cents. 80 MS points. Done.

  • Lewie's Weekly Deals - BioShock 2, World of Goo, DiRT 2 for a fiver

    Whilst the Steam Sale is worth your attention, it’s not the only source of discounts right now. I’ve got some excellent discounts on games for all platforms lined up for you, so read on. For always up to date news on any and all cheap games, be sure to head to This week’s deals […]

  • Super Meat Boy PC out November 30, new characters revealed

    The PC version of Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy has finally been dated, and it’s been confirmed the new version will include Half-Life’s Headcrab and World of Goo’s Gooballs as playable characters.

  • EVE, Lucidity, PoP get the Steam price-cut treatment

    Goooooooooooood mornnnnnnning, VietnamG247 In the news today, the sky is blue, grass is green and Steam has more games discounted in their five day 24 hour sale! EVE Online: Apocrypha is down to under £4, Lucidity is only under £2 and PoP is a tenner. There are more games which get the cut, which is […]

  • 2DBoy details Goo "donations" over time

    2DBoy’s gone live with yet more stats from its well-judged pay-what-you-like World of Goo offer, this time showing how the average amount people spent on the game rose and fell with time. There’s also a table there showing which countries were the most generous. Switzerland was most ready with its wonga, Turkey the least.

  • World of Goo sales produces 57,000 sales - see what people paid

    Following 2D Boy deciding to offer World of Goo for any price punters wanted to pay, the game’s shifted an extra 57,000 units according to this RPS piece. There’s an awesome graph through there showing exactly how people people paid what. Basically, Mr Boy is now significantly better off. Must-read.

  • Buy World of Goo, pay whatever you want

    2D Boy’s celebrating the first anniversary for World of Goo by allowing gamers to purchase the Linux, Mac, and PC versions for whatever they desire. Until October 19, download your particular version for as much as 20 gazillion, one penny, or the standard $20 cost. Whatever you desire to pay is up to you, but […]

  • World of Goo hits UK retail tomorrow

    Mastertronic’s to release World of Goo at UK retail for PC tomorrow, as you can see in the press release after the break. The 2D Boy puzzler has 48 levels and is worth your money. End of story. Hit the link for more.

  • Mastertronic hopes to appeal to wider audience with new Indie label

    Mastertronic Group has launched a new label for indie titles called Great Indie Games and the first game to make the cut is World of Goo, slated for a July release. Great Indie Games will bring independent games to retail to gain a wider audience than just through digital distribution, where most indie titles are […]

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