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  • Legacy of Kain and Wolfenstein domains registered

    Well, would you look at this: Square Enix has registered a domain pertaining to the Legacy of Kain series. Dug up by Superannuation, the domain registration for warfornosgoth.com was filed on Thursday, February 7 through CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. Crystal Dynamics is rumored to be working on a reboot of the series. On top of […]

  • ZeniMax Sweden's "Project Tungsten" may be a new Wolfenstein - rumor

    ZeniMax Sweden is working on a new installment in the Wolfenstein franchise, if a resume belonging to composer Julian Beeston is any indication.

  • id teases future Wolfenstein, Quake reboots in Utah

    RAGE producer Jason Kim has teased that developer id Software will return to Wolfenstein and Quake in the future.

  • Wolfenstein 1D eschews regular dimensions

    Everyone too young to remember what a revolution Wolfenstein 3D was should probably check out this startling de-make, Wolfenstein 1D. Yes. One. Maybe the mind-boggling reduction of a fully realised game world to a single-pixel line will give you some idea of the amazement we felt at the time.

  • Hollenshead: Doom 4 for simutaneous release, thinking about Wolfenstein

    id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead has said Doom 4 will be targeted for simultaneous release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, while adding Wolfenstein is still in the “thinking about it” phase.

  • Interview - id Software's Todd Hollenshead

    Anyone who follows VG247 will know Quakecon took place last weekend, so we took the opportunity to catch up with id Software CEO, Todd Hollenshead, to talk Doom 4, Wolfenstein, new technology and more. Catch the full interview after the break.

  • Activision releases PC demo for Wolfenstein

    Activision has just sent word that a demo for Wolfenstein on PC has hit the net. Surely you can find this through your favorite file site, but we know for sure that it’s over on FileFront. If you have been itching to try it out, now’s your chance. Earlier it was announced that it had […]

  • Wolfenstein lands on Steam, Direct2Drive

    Activision has released Wolfenstein on Steam and Direct2Drive. It can be yours for $49.95. If you want it, go get it.

  • August NPD: Wolfenstein sells 106k on all formats combined

    Raven’s Wolfenstein’s moved 106,000 units in the US, a combined figure for all formats, Gamespot reports. Not the best. It’s worth noting that Raven laid off 30-35 staffers the day after the game shipped. Still. It’s got the best German accents in any game ever. And we should be thankful for that.

  • Wolfenstein multiplayer dev sees layoffs on launch day

    Just as Endrant Studios finished pushing Wolfenstein out the door, the big bad wolf that is financial troubles came and blew the developer’s house down. Or part of it, anyway. “We have recently completed a development cycle and have regrettably been forced to make adjustments to staff and headcounts,” a company rep told GamesIndustry.biz. “Those […]

  • Wolfenstein Quakecon trailer - watch it now

    Shack’s posted the Wolfenstein launch trailer posted at Quakecon last night. As Nathan kept saying in our liveblog, it’s green. It’s also pretty cool, so be sure to look. It’s out later this month for PC, 360 and PS3.

  • Wolfenstein: Designer will pay for your copy should the game outsell Madden 10

    Raven Software designer Manveer Heir has tweeted that if Wolfenstein outsells Madden 10 in August, he will personally reimburse you for your copy of Wolfenstein. We saw this yesterday and honestly thought it was a joke. Apparently, not. Here’s the tweet: Here’s the deal folks: if Wolfenstein outsells Madden 10 in August I will personally […]

  • Wolfenstein preorder bonuses revealed

    The official Wolfenstein website has listed the different preorder programs available for the game. No word on if these deals apply to the PC version or not, but here’s what you’ll get with the console versions: GameStop: Get a Day 1 Multiplayer Advantage: Preorder with Gamestop and get 2,000 Wolfenstein in-game gold pieces for use […]

  • Wolfenstein video is very short, gives release date as August 18

    Wolfenstein comes out on August 18, according to the trailer posted on Eurogamer France. It’s a rather neat little video, meaning that it shows the best bits and is only 46 seconds long. Still, you may wish to have a look. Game’s to be made available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • id Software to ban those with illegal multiplayer build of Wolfenstein, or worse

    A multiplayer build of Wolfenstein was leaked last week, and id’s pretty upset about it. So much so, than anyone who admits to having it will be banned from the forums, or possibly paid a visit by Acti’s legal department. “It was brought to our attention on Friday, 7/31 that a build of the Wolfenstein […]

  • Wolfenstein multiplayer details revealed by Endrant Studios

    Endrant Studios has detailed the multiplayer aspects of for Wolfenstein, and the multi-part includes eight maps, three classes, unlockables, veil powers, and other goodies. “Players can enter the veil dimension and use veil powers much like the ones BJ has access to, as well as all the standard weapons and items,” said Endrant’s Matt Wilson […]

  • id's Wolfenstein to co-sponsor the Inglourious Basterds premiere

    Activision and id Software announced today that Wolfenstein is to be the title sponsor of Universal Pictures’ upcoming Quentin Tarantino film, “Inglourious Basterds.” As an official sponsor, Activision will conduct a contest for two lucky winners to attend the Hollywood premier at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater on August 10. The prize pack includes two roundtrip […]

  • Wolfenstein release date changed to "week of" August 17

    id Software and Raven have delayed Wolfenstein a few days. The initial release date was August 4, now it has been pushed to the “week of” August 17. “In order to facilitate a simultaneous global release window for id Software’s Wolfenstein, Activision has realigned the game’s release date for the week beginning August 17th,” the […]

  • Wolfenstein gets second web cartoon episode

    Activision’s put out the second edition of its Wolfenstein web comic, the next part in the series we didn’t report on in the first place. We’ve failed you, Wolfenstein fan. Get both videos after the break. We’ll never be so slack again. That’s a lie, actually. The game’s out in August. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • Wolfenstein system specs released

    Raven’s Wolfenstein update just got system requirements, courtesy of an id poster on the game’s boards. And here they are. We’re still waiting for a solid date, but you should be playing this next month at the latest. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP or Windows Vista(R) (Windows 95/98/ME/2000 are unsupported) Microsoft DirectX(R) 9.0c (included & […]

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