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  • Warren Spector believes game industry’s in a “Golden Age”

    Warren Spector believes that due to games being available for every preference on every medium, the industry is currently in a “Golden Age”.

  • Spector pitched Deus Ex-esque title originally before Epic Mickey

    Junction Point boss Warren Spector’s told Develop he originally pitched a Deus Ex-esque title to Disney.

  • Spector not opposed to an Epic Mickey sequel

    Warren Spector has said his studio, Junction Point, is interested in further exploring the story of Epic Mickey once the original game is released.

  • Spector PAX keynote addresses life of a geek

    Warren Spector’s PAX keynote has hit the net. Go live that Spector-like dream below.

  • Epic Mickey PAX footage is all ears

    Warren Spector revealed more from Epic Mickey’s opening movie at the conclusion of his PAX keynote yesterday. Catch it after the break.

  • Epic Mickey gets $70 CE

    Obligatory figurine included.

  • Spector on Epic Mickey PS360: “No one’s asked me for a port”

    Epic Mickey lead designer Warren Spector has said the Wii exclusive may eventually make its way to PS3 and Xbox 360, thanks to the consoles new-found love with motion technology, but for now it’s Wii-only.

  • Warren Spector keynote to open GDC Europe

    GDC Europe organisers have announced Junction Point boss Warren Spector will be giving the opening keynote of the event.

  • Spector: Roger Ebert “doesn’t get” videogames

    Warren Spector has said Roger Ebert’s view that videogames will never be art is “irrelevant.”

  • Warren Spector keynoting PAX Prime

    PAX Prime organisers have announced that Warren Spector will be keynoting the event in September.

  • Epic Mickey inspired by Mario, Zelda and Deus Ex, says Spector

    Warren Spector has said the maps in Epic Mickey were inspired by Zelda, Mario and Deus Ex.

  • Spector gushes with praise for 3DS

    Designer Warren Spector, the man behind Deus Ex and Epic Mickey, has been blogging his heart out regarding his love for 3DS.

  • Epic Mickey’s team is 275 strong, says Spector

    Warren Spector has said that close to 275 people are working on Epic Mickey.

  • Disney says Epic Mickey has potential to achieve “Nintendo levels”

    Disney executive VP and general manager Graham Hopper has said that the decision to make Warren Spector’s Epic Mickey into a Wii-exclusive boiled down to potential.

  • Warren Spector has multiple sequels planned for Epic Mickey

    Just how epic is Epic Mickey? Too epic for a mere one game, it seems, as cyberpunk-master-turned-steampunk-maestro Warren Spector already has a couple Epic Mickey sequel ideas bouncing around in his noggin. “I don’t do anything that isn’t extensible,” Spector told 1UP. “And I will certainly feel like that I have not done my job […]

  • What could have been: Warren Spector tried to acquire rights to Deus Ex

    Don’t get us wrong. We’re thrilled that Mickey’s been taken back to the drawing board, but we’d still love another Spector-directed Deus Ex. And hey! So would Warren Spector! “There were and still are ‘Deus Ex’ stories I would like to tell. That story is not done for me,” he told Variety’s Cut Scene blog. […]

  • Video: London presser for Epic Mickey featuring Warren Spector

    This past Wednesday, Disney held an event in London introducing Epic Mickey to the press. Loads of information came out of the event, and we bombarded you with everything we found on it. However, now you watch Warren Spector’s presentation for yourself, thanks to a video from Gamezine. It’s past the break.

  • Spector wants franchise, film, and comics for Epic Mickey

    Warren Spector has said that he would personally like to see more than just a game for Epic Mickey, as the revamp of the mouse harbors loads of possibilities. These possibilities include comics, films, and turning it into a franchise. “I’ve had some discussions with people and really, really want to see some comics and […]

  • Epic Mickey PS3/360 down to Disney, says Spector

    Epic Mickey may not remain a Wii exclusive, Warren Spector’s told CVG. HD versions are “a decision that other people in the Disney organisation are going to make,” the developer said in London yesterday. Spector added, however, that he’s enjoying single-format work. “Right now we’re a Wii game and I’m happy to be able to […]

  • Epic Mickey was originally for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

    Epic Mickey was originally in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, Warren Spector told Official Nintendo Magazine. “The reality is that we started Wii development in 2008, but before that we were a PC, PS3, and 360 title,” said Spector. “It’s burned in my brain – Graham Hopper [Disney Interactive boss] pulled me into […]

  • Epic Mickey: Gameplay details from London Event

    During the London Event for Epic Mickey, Warren Spector took the stage to chat a bit about gameplay details along with the history of the antagonist, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. After inadvertently destroying the magical land the sorcerer created, Mickey is pulled from home, kidnapped, and dropped off in the Cartoon Wasteland he created where […]

  • Epic Mickey: Players delve into Oswald the Lucky Rabbit’s world

    During the Epic Mickey event today in London, Warren Spector and Disney announced more details regarding the game, along with the announcement that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit will be the antagonist in the game. Apparently, the sorcerer Yen Sid (from Fanatasia) “creates a beautiful, whimsically-twisted world where Disney’s forgotten and retired creations thrive” and Oswald […]

  • Spector – Epic Mickey went to Wii because of “congenial audience”

    Warren Spector’s explained the reasoning behind bringing Epic Mickey exclusively to Wii, saying the game’s simply the right fit for the console’s audience. The below quote’s taken from a massive – and excellent – Game Informer interview: GI: Why the Wii? WS: Well, think about it. Would you really want to tackle convincing Halo or […]

  • Warren Spector’s Epic Mickey is about “thinking and artwork”

    A source close to Disney has revealed details concerning Warren Spector’s Epic Mickey, to Eurogamer. The reason Wii was chosen, according to the source, is due to Mickey’s tools: paintbrushes, erasers, thinner, pencils and artist tools. These tools are mapped to Wii remote gestures. According to the source, the game is also about exploration, thinking […]

  • Confirmed – Epic Mickey formally revealed, in next GI

    The rumours are true – Epic Mickey exists. Game Informer just took the wraps of it’s next issue: the game’s on the cover. It’s also confirmed it is a Wii exclusive. And Disney’s just sent out invites to a press event happening in London on October 28 for the “announcement of an iconic new game”, […]

  • Rumour – Epic Mickey to be revealed in next Game Informer

    Hot dog. A teaser in the most recent edition of Game Informer – you know, the one with Ninja Theory’s Enslaved and Crackdown 2 – has paved the way for a reveal of Epic Mickey in the next issue of the magazine. The page shows Mickey’s head, but not the face in a massive black […]

  • Rumour – Junction Point working on Epic Mickey

    Superannuation‘s found a dev CV claiming Junction Point’s working on something called Epic Mickey for Wii. The guy involved reckons he’s a concept artist on the game, work which included “designing and painting concept/inspirational artwork” and “painting ‘boxouts’ for locations”. Junction Point is Warren Spector’s Disney-owned company, in case you’d forgotten. There’s more on Eurogamer.

  • Disney: Spector still hard at work on “great project”

    Disney’s Graham Hopper has assured us all that Deus Ex creator Warren Spector and his team are still working on a great Disney title. “Warren’s hard at work,” he said. “He has a team working on a great project. We’re going to show it when it’s right and ready. “We’re very encouraged by what we’re […]

  • Spector: I changed Will Wright’s mind on importance of Cloud gaming

    Warren Spector convinced Will Wright at GDC that Cloud gaming’s going have a giant impact on the trade. The famed developers went toe-to-toe on the issue during the Luminaries Lunch at the Californian show last month. “For the first time in my life, at least, I actually got Will Wright to admit that I was […]

  • GDC: VG247 liveblog from the Luminaries Lunch!

    We’re about to go live with coverage from David Perry’s Luminaries Lunch, this year featuring Will Wright, Warren Spector, Nolan Bushnell, Rob Pardo and, the man himself “Big” Dave Perry. The session is the biggest of the big guns waxing lyrical on dev issues. You may well be in for some surprises, so keep those […]