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  • Broken WAR in Europe - GOA denies launch registration issues

    GOA has denied that Warhammer Online is still experiencing registration issues in Europe, despite the fact that it… is. New users are complaining that they’re unable to log into WAR’s European site, following assurances from GOA last week that issues experienced in the open beta would be cleared up before launch. “Your information is inaccurate, […]

  • GamesRadar gives WAR a 9/10

    GamesRadar’s reviewed Warhammer Online at 9/10, as you can see here. The site clearly managed to get on a server, something we didn’t manage to do last night. They were obviously allowed to register for the game as well. Again… Snip: Its similarities to and improvements on WoW – most especially in PvP – make […]

  • Mythic: Why you should play WAR instead of WoW

    Undecided? Mythic boss Mark Jacobs isn’t. Warhammer Online has now launched and he reckons World of Warcraft players should try it. Here’s why, courtesy of MTV: If you’re looking for the best RvR [Realm vs. Realm] in any online game, you come to “Warhammer.” This is what we do well. This is the most core […]

  • Mythic declares WAR: Warhammer Online finally launches

    Hugely anticipated fantasy MMO Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has gone live, Massively reports, and the servers are now open for Order- and Destruction-related business. This is by far the biggest MMO launch so far this year, and behind the scenes buzz for the game has been huge. The game is now on sale, and […]

  • Mark Jacobs: Of course EA knows about launching MMOs

    Following a comment yesterday from WAR creative director Paul Barnett regarding EA knowing “nothing about launching MMOs in Europe,” Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has clarified the situation by calling Barnett “sarcastic” and “irreverent.” “Well first you’ve got to understand that Paul is Paul,” Jacobs told Eurogamer. “He’s very sarcastic. He tries to be very funny […]

  • Barnett: EA "know nothing about launching MMOs in Europe"

    Bloody hell, Paul. Don’t hold back. In WAR’s launch week, the MMO’s creative director has launched a stinging attack on EA, saying the firm simply “knows nothing” about bring an MMO to market in Europe. WAR is being published by GOA in Europe. “GOA did it with Dark Age of Camelot and they’ve done it […]

  • WAR ships tomorrow, Mythic confirms

    Mythic’s confirmed that Warhammer Online will ship to retail tomorrow. The MMO’s level of pre-ordering has apparently set a record for an EA game. More than 1.5 million units have been sold into retail. “This is truly a historic day for both EA and Mythic as we prepare to send more copies of WAR to […]

  • First WAR review is an 8/10

    EG’s published the first Warhammer Online review in the world, and it’s 8/10. Snip: Mythic has dutifully done everything it needs to to compete with Blizzard’s jack of all trades and master of most. Crafting is weak, and dungeons – the small, instanced experiences that really cement the group dynamics in an MMO – are […]

  • The Burning Crusade delayed WAR, says Jacobs

    Speaking to MTV, Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has admitted that the release of WoW expansion The Burning Crusade pushed back Warhammer Online’s release thanks to its “water cooler quests. “We obviously had a major bump when ‘Burning Crusade’ came out,” he said. “When [Blizzard] released that expansion, they raised the expectations of the player; they […]

  • GOA: WAR registration issues will be "completely fixed" for launch

    Speaking to VG247 this morning, Warhammer Online’s European publisher, GOA, has assured that all registration issues gamers are experiencing with the game’s open beta will be resolved before release on September 18. “These issues will of course be completely fixed for the launch,” said a rep. The firm also said that current problems with new […]

  • GOA under pressure as Jacobs lays blame for WAR beta glitches

    Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has publicly blamed Warhammer Online’s European publisher, GOA, for registration errors at the opening of the Warhammer Online beta in Europe, saying the firm “messed up.” “GOA messed up, they apologized and they are working hard to do better,” he said on his blog. “This is a good start but not […]

  • GOA makes public apology for WAR beta failure

    According to this GI story, GOA’s issued a statement apologising for registration problems with the now-open WAR beta. Although servers have opened, and closed beta testers have been able to enter the new phase without any problems, account registration and authentication for new players is not working. “I rarely address players directly, but I wanted […]

  • WAR open beta is... open

    As announced on its official site, Warhammer Online’s open beta is now live. “This is a monumental step for the game and the community and it is with great pleasure that we welcome you all,” said the blurb. “WAR has come, it is now up to you to forge your destiny and choose your allegiance […]

  • 50,000 WAR beta keys to be given out by Multiplay today

    Multiplay just confirmed that it’s going to give out 50,000 Warhammer Online beta keys today. As you do. You’ll need to have a Multiplay account to get one. You can get the keys here. The game itself releases on September 18. Press release after the link.

  • Pre-order Red Alert 3, turn yourself into a bear in WAR

    This is obvious. EA’s announced that those pre-ordering strategy sequel Red Alert 3 will get an exclusive helmet for use in WAR that allows your character to turn into a bear. There’s not really a huge amount more to say. Other than “what?” More on Massively.

  • Pre-order WAR, get a headstart

    For those of you gagging to get involved with Warhammer Online later this month, good news arrives today in the fact that those pre-ordering the game get a headstart. If you’ve pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition of the Mythic MMO, you’re going to be able to start levelling on September 14, four day’s ahead of the […]

  • $1 billion to compete with WoW? "Nonsense," says Jacobs

    Mythic’s Mark Jacobs has trashed Bobby’s Kotick’s estimation that it would take $1 billion to compete with World of Warcraft, describing his posturing as “nonsense.” “When certain people throw out ridiculous numbers, you know they’re throwing out ridiculous numbers because they want to scare off competition or they want to make themselves seem invincible and […]

  • WAR gold, says a completely official press release

    Warhammer Online’s gold, says a press release both approved by EA and Mythic. You can read it after the link. You can believe this. Please don’t believe Mythic games are finished if senior execs at the developer say so. No sir. Believe press releases, though. Like the one after the link. Very official, that.

  • New Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning cinematic trailer

    Needs no introduction really, but here goes anyway: Below you can see a brand new Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning trailer that makes us want to invest in l337 PCs and hardcore graphics cards. Check it out.

  • Warhammer Online NA open beta begins September 7

    Mythic’s announced that that WAR open beta will begin in the US on September 7. “For three years we have been saying that ‘WAR is coming’ and the team has been working hard to deliver on this promise,” said company boss Mark Jacobs. “In just a few weeks, we are going to throw open our […]


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  • Warhammer Online confirmed for September 18, pricing set

    Warhammer Online’s been confirmed for a September 18 launch by EA. The publisher also announced that a monthly subscription will cost $14.99, with slight discounts available when signing up for three-month ($13.99 per month) or six-month ($12.99 per month) periods. “The countdown has officially begun. Mark your calendars!September 18th is the Day of Reckoning,” said […]

  • Age of Conan’s “rhythm, longevity, gameplay and style” may not work: WAR boss

    Warhammer Online creative director Paul Barnett has said that it will be “very sad” if Funcom’s Age of Conan collapses, and that the game’s “rhythm, longevity, gameplay and style” may not connect with the market in general. “I think it will be very sad if they don’t have enough users to maintain the critical mass, […]

  • WAR system specs released

    Mythic’s released minimum system specs for Warhammer Online, to be found after the break. As you can see, there’s nothing especially mental going on there, news that will no doubt be welcome to the untold legions of fantasy fans waiting for the MMO to ship. Have a look. Thanks, IGN.

  • Warhammer Online dev: “We can’t schedule for shit”

    Speaking to Eurogamer at Develop today, Mythic’s Paul Barnett gave a reasonably good reason for Warhammer Online’s persistent delays. “When we launch these games, we can’t schedule for shit,” he said. “We’re nearly there, God help us, the fifth time we schedule it it’s going to work. Lesson one: don’t trust your schedulers. Add more […]

  • Warhammer Online dev: “The game’s finished, we could ship it now”

    Speaking to VG247 at Develop in Brighton today, Mythic’s Paul Barnett confirmed the news hundreds of thousands of pre-orderers will be thrilled to hear: Warhammer Online is finished and ready to ship. “The game’s finished,” said the developer. “It’s just being polished and cooked. “We’re in a position now where every day we get to […]

  • WAR date to be announced “extremely soon”

    GOA just told VG247 that a WAR date announcement is imminent. “Yes, we will be announcing a release date extremely soon,” said a rep. The comment came after a weekend of uncertainty on the MMO’s release, in which EA Singapore apparently confirmed the game for a September 23 launch before rolling the official site back […]

  • EA changes WAR date to “September” on official site

    EA Singapore appears to have changed the release date of Warhammer Online to “September,” after listing the game for a “September 23″ launch over the weekend. The publisher has yet to confirm a solid date for the game, saying only that fantasy MMO-wanters are going to get a bite at Games Workshop’s online cherry this […]

  • WAR’s website gives Asian date

    According to Singapore’s official Warhammer Online website, Mythic’s long-delayed, highly anticipated fantasy MMO will be releasing in the country on September 23. There’s no word on whether or not this will have any bearing on other regions, but we’ll check tomorrow. Good news to those watching the game, anyway.

  • Warhammer Online getting “final polish”, says Gershowitz

    Associate art director Adam Gershowitz told Massively that Warhammer Online is nearly done, with the Mythic team now adding “the final polish” to the game. “Basically where we’re at right now is the guild beta,” he said. “We’re in high polish mode, which means that everything in the game is in at this point. “Everything […]

  • New Warhammer Online video released

    On IGN. It’s 28Mb and you have to download it, for some reason. No streaming allowed. The movie’s was released as part of EA’s E3 press conference last night. Watch it. You clearly haven’t got anything better to do.

  • New Warhammer online screenshots posted

    You know the drill by now: here’s the link to Massively. Click it to view yet another PC MMO with elves, orcs, mages, trolls, wizards and beards in it; leave a comment underneath. Easy. By Mike Bowden

  • Warhammer Online suffers massive feature-cut

    Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has just dropped a bombshell on the MMO world by announcing that Warhammer Online is to suffer a huge cut in content, with the final game losing four capital cities and four entire classes. Speaking in an interview with, Jacobs said that the Dark Elf, High Elf, Orc, and Dwarf […]

  • Warhammer Online guild beta launches

    Mythic’s launches the Warhammer Online guild beta, the developer’s announced. Apparently more than 10,000 guilds applied to take part. That’s a lot of guilds. “WAR’s Guild Beta is here and some of the world’s most experienced MMO players will now get a chance to play one of the most anticipated MMOs of all time,” said […]

  • EA announces massive Holiday 08 roster

    EA has just announced a giant line-up for Holiday 2008, and it’s hard to be unimpressed. There is, quite fairly, something for everyone. Big boss John agrees. “EA’s 2008 lineup is our best ever,” said EA head John Riccitiello. “This is the year that our core franchises leap forward with stunning innovation and we introduce […]

  • WAR to ship in Russia next year

    EA’s confirmed that Warhammer Online will ship in Russian, in Russia, early next year. That’s it, really. There’s a press release here.

  • Riccitiello: WAR won’t rival WoW

    EA boss John Riccitiello, speaking at the William Blair & Company’s investor conference in the US today, has admitted that the publisher doesn’t expect Warhammer Online to hit World of Warcraft’s levels of popularity. “Warhammer Online [will be] a strong entry in the MMORPG space,” he said. “No, I don’t think it’s going to rival […]

  • Mythic reveals 50 “things” about Warhammer Online

    EA Mythic turned up to a Games Day in Baltimore last week, and evidently spilled its guts on upcoming fantasy MMO Warhammer Online. There’s a list of 50 news bit on the game on waaagh!, including info on character slot, server population caps and so on. Take a look.

  • WAR to ship in Oz, NZ and Far East in line with US and Europe

    EA’s just confirmed that Warhammer Online will hit Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia at the same time as America and Europe. The region will also have its own dedicated server, based in Australia. “Warhammer is a world-wide franchise with a strong following in Australia and New Zealand. By placing our own server down under […]

  • New WAR screens posted

    IGN’s put up some new shots of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, and it looks to have taken quite a graphical kick, if our memory’s still working. We may even try this, despite the horrors of the MMO never-leave-the-computer. That’s how radical we are. Go see.

  • EA acquisition allowed Mythic to delay Warhammer Online, says Drescher

    Speaking to videogaming247 at yesterday’s EA Games Studio Showcase in London, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning associate producer Josh Drescher said the MMO could have shipped a year ago had Mythic not been acquired by EA. “We certainly could have shipped the game a year ago and we probably would have done fine in the […]

  • EA Games Studio Showcase: Warhammer Online presentation and one-on-one interview – streaming audio

    EA showed a brand new presentation of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning at its spring showcase in London today. Apparently you’re going to be “fighting all the time.” Which is nice. For streaming audio of the entire presentation, hit the play button below. For our one-on-one interview with Josh Drescher, the EA Mythic MMO’s associate […]

  • Germans go mental for Warhammer Online

    According to TenTonHammer, the German edition of the Warhammer Online CE has sold out on Amazon. Go the Germans. The game isn’t even out until this autumn. For the record, Germany absolutely beserk for WoW, so the fact they’re looking for something fresh on the fantasy side isn’t incredibly surprising. You can find the official […]

  • WAR closed beta footage released

    Follow the link for an edited video of the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning closed beta, found on RPS. Lots of dragons, orcz and cannons going on there. Some magic too. The game’s out this autumn.

  • WAR beta will hit 1 million, says Mythic

    Speaking on IGN’s WAR forum, Mythic’s Mark Jacobs reckons that the Warhammer Online beta will pass the million mark when it’s released into Asian markets. “Actually, I’d be surprised if we didn’t hit 1M once we start taking beta apps for our Asian partners,” he said. “Even without Asia, based on our current sign-up rate, […]

  • GigaMedia to operate Warhammer MMO in Far East

    EA’s signed a deal with GigaMedia to handle Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. According to this press release, a date for the game is to be announced in “the months ahead”. The MMO, being developed by Mythic, is based on the Games Workshop pen and paper RPG universe and […]