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Scratch that cyberpunk itch with Technobabylon on May 21 – new trailer

Technobabylon more like Wrecked-yo-babbling with my smooth flow about how good Wadjet Eye games are. I don’t know y’all, it’s clock off time and everything feels like a reach.

Wadjet Eye Games headlines

  • Gemini Rue and Blackwell developer announces Technobabylon

    Wadjet Eye Games, the the award-winning indie adventure developer Gemini Rue and the Blackwell series, has revealed its next project.

  • The Blackwell Epiphany demo now available

    The Blackwell Epiphany has spawned a short taster ahead of its April 24 release date. Pick it up here to get a feel for the award-winning franchise’s adventure stylings. If you like what you see, you may want to catch up on the series to date; bundles are available through GOG and Steam, or directly […]

  • The Blackwell Epiphany gets release date, pre-orders now open

    The Blackwell Epiphany is the fifth and final entry in Wadjet Eye’s well-received adventure series, and it’ll be in your sticky paws next month. Check out the new trailer and screenshots.

  • The Shivah: Wadjet Eye's adventure title being re-released this week

    The Shivah developer Wadjet Eye is re-releasing its 2006 adventure game as a new Kosher Edition on Steam, PC direct download and iOS. It’s out this week.

  • Folks exploited indie game giveaway for 30,000 extra Steam keys, dev says

    Yesterday, we told you that Wadjet Eye was giving away copies of their adventure title The Blackwell Deception, and today the dev has said some unscrupulous folks exploited the purchase mechanism on the seller’s website to generate thousands of extra codes for themselves.

  • [OVER]Wadjet Eye celebrates Halloween by giving away The Blackwell Deception

    [No Longer Valid]If you you’ve wanted a new thematically appropriate game for Halloween but can’t or won’t spend money, then you should know that ghost-y point-and-click adventure The Blackwell Deception for PC is free for all today (it’s $10 normally). If you already own it, you’ll find it’s been updated with nicer visuals and stuff. […]

  • Gemini Rue: adventure game out on iPhone and iPad now

    Gemini Rue developer Wadjet Eye Games has released its critically-acclaimed adventure game on iOS today.

  • Gemini Rue iOS release date narrowed down

    Wadjet Eye’s dual-story adventure Gemini Rue arrives on iDevice next month.

  • Wadjet Eye Games bundles adventures for as little as $1

    The team of adventure specialists at Wadjet Eye Games are offering an incredibly thrifty deal. For as little as $1 you’ll score the award-winning Gemini Rue along with Puzzle Bots. For $5 you’ll also get resonance, The Blackwell Bundle and The Blackwell Deception, all well worth the cover price on their own. When enough people […]

  • Gemini Rue hits iDevice in northern spring

    Award-winning indie Wadjet Eye has announced an iOS port for the terrific dual-story adventure Gemini Rue. Destructoid reports the port will have an all-new interface and will be on show at PAX East ahead of a northern spring release. Gemini Rue is currently available on PC through Wadjet Eye’s site and Steam for $10, or […]

  • Gemini Rue developer Wadjet Eye seeking Linux beta testers

    Wadjet Eye Games is looking for Linux closed beta testers for its port of its point and click title Gemini Rue. The developer has posted an open invite to gamers, so if you want involved you can do so today.

  • Blackwell dev working on next chapter, 2013 release targeted

    Blackwell, the adventure game series from Wadjet Eye Games and designer Dave Gilbert is making a comeback in 2013. Gilbert has confirmed that development on the next game in the series will begin once the the iOS port of Gemini Rue is completed. Get more details below.

  • Primordia is now available on Steam

    Wadjet Eye Games has released Primordia, its cyberpunk adventure title, on Steam. The Wormwood Studios developed title will run you $9.99.

  • Primordia demo now available, game out next week

    Wadjet Eye Games has released a playable demo for Primordia, its retro-styled, cyberpunk adventure title for PC. You can download the demo through here – note when you click the link the demo will auto-download. Primordia releases December 5. We’ve re-posted the launch trailer for you below.

  • Primordia to release next month, launch trailer released

    Primordia from Wadjet Eye Games will launch in early December.

  • Wadjet Eye officially announce Primordia, teaser trailer released

    Wadjet has finally confirmed Primordia, a new point-and-click adventure from Wormwood Studios.

  • Resonance available now from Gemini Rue devs

    Award-winning adventure specialist Wadjet Eye Games has launched its latest title, Resonance. The plot pits four playable characters against the clock in a race to secure the work of a late particle physicist. It’s available in a boxed set or as a direct download, and if previous efforts like Gemini Rue and the Blackwell series […]

  • Gemini Rue: Collector's Edition heading to bricks and mortar

    Wadjet Eye Games is bringing its brilliant, award-winning and critically-lauded adventure, Gemini Rue, to UK retail, according to The Indie Game Magazine. The Collector’s Edition will include two other Wadjet Eye titles, which have not been named, the soundtrack and a poster. Expect it on February 10 for £19.95.

  • Wadjet opens Blackwell Deception pre-orders

    Blackwell Deception, the latest point-and-click from the award-winning studio behind Gemini Rue, is up for pre-order with a pretty sweet offer.

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