Virtua Fighter

Virtua Fighter 20th anniversary site opens, this trailer marks the occasion

Virtua Fighter developer Sega has opened a new site to commemorate the brawler’s 20th anniversary. There’s even a trailer of the original game’s intro. Watch it here.

Virtua Fighter headlines

  • Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate adds Virtua Fighter's Jacky Bryant

    The Ultimate version of Dead or Alive 5, arriving later this year, will include the characters Ein and Jacky Bryant, from the Dead or Alive series and Virtua Fighter respectively, in addition to the previously announced Ninja Gaiden character Momoji.

  • Dead or Alive 5: Director wants more cameos, 'Ryo from Shenmue would be ideal'

    Dead or Alive 5 director Yosuke Hayashi would like more cameos in Dead or Alive 5 after launch, and revealed to VG247 that his ideal cameo would be Ryo from Shenmue. He also explained the relationship between Team Ninja and Sega in greater detail.

  • Dead or Alive 5 out September 25 - E3 trailer shows Virtua Fighter's Sarah Bryant

    Koei Tecmo has released the E3 trailer for Dead or Alive 5 and it shows Virtua Fighter’s Sarah Bryant. The game’s Akira was also revealed. There are tons of screens posted below. Enjoy them. Game’s out September 25 on PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Yu Suzuki, creator of Shenmue and Virtua Fighter, leaving Sega

    Yu Suzuki, one of the most legendary video game designers of all-time, has announced that he will be leaving Sega in September after a 28-year career with the company.

  • Yu Suzuki demoted at Sega

    According to this Gamespot story, Yu Suzuki has been be ousted as Sega’s R&D creative officer, and “will stay with company in diminished capacity.” Suzuki was the “name” behind the likes of Virtua Fighter and frankly insane RPG and bus stop sim, Shenmue. There’s his full work history through the link.