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  • Darksiders started life with four-player, four-horseman co-op

    Darksiders may have ended life as a wholly single-player experience, but Vigil started out with plans of four-player co-op, creative director and comic legend Joe Madureira has told VG247.

  • Vigil explains Darksiders’ lack of multiplayer, DLC

    What’s more fun than slashing up apocalypse-born beasties with a scythe while riding on molten fire horses? While “nothing” is a tempting answer, we’re gonna have to go with “slashing up human opponents with said pointy implement.” Or at least, that’s what we assume. We have no way of actually knowing, because Darksiders is a […]

  • Hollywood interested in Darksiders, confirms Madureira

    Hollywood is already knocking on Darksiders’ door, Vigil creative director and comic legend Joe Madureira has just told VG247, despite the fact the game still isn’t actually out.

  • Darksiders soundtrack handled by God of War composers

    The composers of the God of War OST, Cris Velasco and Mike Reagan, are responsible for the Darksiders soundtrack, THQ said today.

  • Darksiders reviews say “buy me now”

    Darksiders is out this week, in case you’d forgotten. Given the reviews that have been coming in all over the Holiday, you probably shouldn’t have done. The 360 version’s got a current MC score of 86, with an 87 for the PS3 version. Find the full round-up after the break.

  • Darksiders won’t have demo, no DLC planned

    The apparently excellent Darksiders won’t be getting a demo, Vigil GM David Adams has told VG247. “We aren’t doing a demo,” said the exec, speaking to Steph Nunneley in an interview published today. “We didn’t have the time our resources to prepare one – finishing the game came right down to the wire.” Adams went […]

  • Interview: Vigil boss David Adams on Darksiders

    Launching new IP in today’s gaming environment is one of the riskiest moves developers and publishers ever make. Facing no guarantee of return, giant outlays, genre saturation and clogged release schedules, pushing out a newborn can be terrifying for all concerned parties. Fortunately, though, well-considered assaults on the core market still work. Borderlands busted US […]

  • Darksiders – the first 20 mental minutes in video

    Hit the link for the first 20 minutes of Darksiders’ gameplay, featuring War, War’s chaos form, War kicking ten bells out of angels and demons, War fighting a massive boss and War just being generally War. This is the War show. And it’s seven shades of awesome, from first impressions. Steph’s just filed an interview […]

  • Darksiders vid shows flaming armour and chopper-fighting

    THQ’s put out yet another Darksiders video, this time showing War in flaming red armour. Which is awesome, obviously. After the break. There’s also an unfortunate helicopter in there. Spot it if you can. It’s out for PS3 and 360 on January 8.

  • GT shows off new Darksiders gameplay, Mark Hamill doing VO

    This looks fucking mint. A GT video preview of Darksiders – after the break – has shown off a heap of gameplay features from the imminent devily actioner, revealing a sandbox environment, glidey wings, dungeons, GoW-style bosses and tons more. There’s also a clip there of Mark Hamill doing one of the voices. This merely […]

  • Darksiders video focuses on War’s awesome steed, Ruin

    The only thing a bad-ass demon slayer needs besides his massive sword, is an equally bad-ass horse – and that is just what War has in Darksiders. Ruin. Black as smoke, swift as flame, his pounding hooves are drums of doom. Okay. We didn’t come up with that, Vigil Games did, but it’s still a […]

  • Darksiders gets boss movie and 10/10 from US mag

    THQ’s popped over the latest Darksiders movie, this time showing various hellish bosses and the now-expected Omen strings. It looks wicked. Watch it after the break. UK PR’s also pointed out that the first review, in US mag Play, has awarded the action game 10/10, calling it, “One of the most visually refined immersive and […]

  • Darksiders has gone Gold, time to hone your sword

    Vigil’s environment artist, John Pearl, has announced via Twitter that Darksiders has gone gold. Here’s the tweet: “After all the hard work and long hours these last couple years…Darksiders has gone GOLD”. It’s out January 5 and 7 in the US and Europe, respectively. Check out the video we posted earlier today.

  • New Darksiders vid shows War’s “arsenal”

    THQ just popped over the second Darksiders promo movie, this one showing off War’s “Chaos Eater” sword. After the break. There’s plenty of very violent gameplay in there. Want to dismember something nasty with something nasty? You’re quids in. It’s out in January.

  • Darksiders will use souls instead of coin for currency

    THQ has piled D’toid with loads of stuff on Darksiders: Wrath of War, along with some really hot new screens and a video. Apparently, War will be able to acquire weapons and upgrades through the exchange of souls instead of currency. See, souls are good for something other than controlling through the use of Jasmine […]

  • Darksiders video shows off War’s really big sword

    THQ and Vigil released another Darksiders video this week, and this one focuses on hacking and slashing enemies to death. Called The Horseman’s Road, it shows War fighting loads of angels and demons with his really big sword. Everyone wants a really big sword to smite things with, don’t ya know. Head on over to […]

  • Darksiders for January ship

    THQ’s Darksiders will release on January 8, 2010, the publisher said overnight. The Vigil-developed action-tastic Four Horseman-based apocalothon features large baddies and much violence. PS3 and 360 are the weapons of destruction.

  • THQ nets Vigil monster office in Austin

    THQ’s grabbed a 33,000 sqft office in Austin, Texas, according to Kotaku. Gama reckons the facility’s for Vigil Games, the developer currently putting together THQ’s 40K MMO. Still no date on the game, however.

  • Darksiders: Wrath of War video shows angry demons

    A Darksiders: Wrath of War video is posted after the break and it looks pretty good actually, what with all the demons yelling in your face, and the swordplay. The game’s set in a post apocalyptic demon filled world where the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been betrayed, stripped of all powers, and cast […]

  • Red Faction 4, Saint’s Row 3, and Warhammer 40K MMO dated

    THQ has revealed a tentative release schedule for upcoming titles over the next two years. Saints Row 3 and an unnamed action game from Relic are to be released in fiscal year 2011, which begins April 1, 2010. Vigil Games’ upcoming Warhammer 40K MMO is expected during fiscal year 2012, which begins on April 1, […]

  • THQ financials: Warhammer 40K MMO up and running

    THQ boss Brian Farrell, speaking in an investor call following the release of third quarter financials last night, said he’s seen a build of the previously announced Warhammer 40K MMO running at Vigil Games and said he was “pleasantly surprised” at the state of the game, adding “so far, so good”. Farrell noted that the […]