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Valkyria Chronicles PC debut tops Steam download charts

Valkyria Chronicles released for PC yesterday, and within 24 hours, the strategy RPG landed on top of the Steam download charts.

Valkyria Chronicles headlines

  • Valkyria Chronicles confirmed for PC release

    Valkyria Chronicles, Sega’s hugely under-appreciated strategy classic, is making the jump to PC.

  • Valkryia Chronicles back in browser-based card battler

    Sega and online game portal provider NHN Corp have launched a new free-to-play, web-based card game based on the Valkryia Chronicles brand titled Valkryia Duel. A trailer accompanies the launch of user testing, which takes place from today, Tuesday June 19, until Monday June 25.

  • Valkyria Chronicles 3 unlikely to reach West

    Sega has confessed it doesn’t plan on localising strategy RPG Valkyria Chronicles 3 for sale outside Japan.

  • Pre-TGS Valkyria Chronicles news coming soon

    The Japanese blog of Valkyria Chronicles has promised there some news on the series will be landing pretty shortly ahead of TGS next month. And that’s it, there are no other clues to go. DLC for Valkyria Chronicles III? Valkyria Chronicles II and III being remastered for PS3 from PSP, like Monster Hunter and God […]

  • Valkyria Chronicles III DLC to come in two flavours

    The third entry in Sega’s tactical battlers Valkyria Chronicles will see post-release expansions of varying sizes.

  • 400-page Valkyria Chronicles artbook coming west

    Sega’s confirmed that it’s to release a 400-page artbook for Valkyria Chronicles in the US. The book, being published by Udon, will feature character designs, concept art, mechanical sketches and diagrams. Pre-order it at Amazon for $30 here. The next title in the series, VC3, launches tomorrow in Japan for PSP. Thanks, D’Toid.

  • Valkyria Chronicles III changes detailed by SEGA

    SEGA Japan has revealed some additional details on some of the changes coming in Valkyria Chronicles III.

  • Sega registers "" URL

    The second one is only releasing in the west next week for PSP, but Sega’s ramping up for Valkyria Chronicles III, by the looks of it.

  • Valkyria Chronicles II pre-order content detailed

    Sega’s revealed details on the content you’ll receive when you pre-order Valkyria Chronicles II for PSP.

  • Screens - Valkyria Chronicles: Challenge of the Edy Detachment

    To celebrate the release of Valkyria Chronicles – Challenge of the Edy Detachment on PSN, SEGA has sent over a bevy of shots for the game’s fourth DLC pack. They’re posted below.

  • Fourth Valkyria Chronicles DLC pack releasing this Thursday

    Sega’s announced it’s releasing the fourth DLC pack for Valkyria Chronicles on the PS Store this week.

  • Sega refuses to confirm PS3 future of Valkyria Chronicles

    During a Q&A on the European PS Blog, Sega has dodged a massive bullet on the matter of Valkyria Chronicles returning to PS3 sometime soon. Valkyria Chronicles was released on the PlayStation 3 last autumn in the West, but it’s sequel will be on the PSP when it releases this winter in Japan and summer […]

  • Sega announces new Valkyria Chronicles DLC in shortest PR in history

    In what can honestly be described as the shortest press release in history, Sega has announced that it’ll be releasing new DLC for Valkyria Chronicles in winter 2010 (Jan or Feb most likely). We would stick it below after the jump, but it really is too short. Look for yourself: “Today, Sega announces new downloadable […]

  • Valkyria Chronicles sales jumped 400% in April

    Valkyria Chronicles saw a 400 percent increase in sales during April and which almost equals to the amount of  units sold during its November 2008 debut, reports the US Sega Blog. The burning hot sales can be attributed to community contests, DLC and the temporary price drop to $30. According to the blog: “To be […]

  • Valkyria Chronicles chap interested in sequel

    Valkyria Chronicles producer Nonaka Ryutaro has told Famitsu that he’s interested in doing a sequel to the TRPG, which is probably good news considering the rabid following the game’s picked up. Apparently he was “adamant about not leaving the game at just one title,” according to this PS3Center story. Happy Monday, PS3 owners.

  • Valkyria Chronicles DLC dated and priced

    Sega’s to release its European Valkyria Chronicles DLC on April 16, the firm said today. There’s three parts to it – as previously announced – and it’s going to cost £3.19 or €3.99 “each”. The press release doesn’t make it particularly clear if it’s all coming in one lump or it’s going to cost you […]

  • Three bits of Valkyria Chronicles DLC announced

    DLC’s on the way for PS3 TRPG Valyria Chronicles, Sega said today, with three packs releasing this “spring”. The bits include Hard EX Mode, Edy’s Mission “Enter the Edy Detachment”, and Selvaria’s Mission “Behind Her Blue Flame”. Get full details after the break.

  • Valkyria Chronicles DLC confirmed for western release

    This US PS Blog post confirms that the western version of Sega SRPG Valkyria Chronicles is going to get the DLC released in Japan earlier this year. Two updates will allow players to take control of the PS3 exclusive’s baddies, as well as adding an Extra Hard Skirmish mode. “It’s my sincere and distinct pleasure […]

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