Either Telltale’s making a Mr Robot game or someone on its social team is pretty confused

Telltale: either making a Mr Robot game or firing a social intern.

Tv headlines

  • PlayStation Network original series Powers has been cancelled

    Powers, the superhero series exclusive to PlayStation Network, has been cancelled after two seasons.

  • Pokemon Origins retells the story of Pokemon Red and Blue, is stupidly nostalgic

    Pokemon Origins is a four-episode animated mini series that retells the story of the very first Pokemon games, Red and Blue. A new trailer has just appeared, and its opening may explode you with nostalgia.

  • Farmville animated series inbound from X-Men director

    X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner has signed on to produce an animated TV series based on Farmville. Deadline reports production will be handled by Canadian company Six Eleven media. No network has picked up the series yet. Ratner’s also behind the Rush Hour series and the upcoming Hercules: The Thracian Wars; he described […]

  • Extended Need for Speed: Most Wanted Live Action trailer released

    EA has released an extended version of its live action Need for Speed: Most Want TV advert. Plenty of beautiful and overpriced cars are on show. Watch them face an equally sexy set of police vehicles in a video that makes me wish I had more money.

  • Gamers' Voice unhappy with Channel 5's The Wright Stuff

    Rights group Gamers’ Voice has hit out at C5’s The Wright Stuff after it alleged a link between a London gang-related shooting and violent videogames, following which the programme showed footage of 18-rated Modern Warfare 2 at 10.30am.

  • The Walking Dead in production at Telltale

    Rumours of a Telltale-developed adaptation of The Walking Dead have been confirmed.

  • Rovio "moving into production" with Angry Birds animated series

    Soon, you’ll be able to watch Angry Birds while playing Angry Birds, cuddling Angry Birds, and keeping nice and toasty with your Angry Birds Snuggie. Ok, that last one isn’t real, but let’s be realistic here: it’s only a matter of time.

  • De Blob to add some color to 'Syfy Kids' lineup

    De Blob’s back! And the Syfy network is… still here. Yeah! So, logically, it only makes sense that the two would team up, right? No. It really doesn’t. But they’re doing it anyway.

  • 85,000 PlayTV units ship in the UK

    According to this GI story, Sony’s confirmed it’s shipped 85,000 units of PlayTV in the UK. The hardware add-on, which acts as a freeview box and personal video recorder, went on sale last weekend for £70. Everyone we know who has one can’t stop banging on about it. Which is clearly why 85,000 of them […]

  • PlayTV show recordings can be taken off PS3s

    According to this, TV shows recorded using PlayTV on PlayStation 3 can then be dragged off the machine as MPEG2 files onto any memory stick or PC. “We’ve talked to our legal department about it,” said Mark Bunting, a producer at Sony’s Cambridge Studio. “All we’re doing is moving it out of PlayTV and to […]