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  • Warner promotes Jeff Junge to senior VP of business management

    Warner has promoted Jeff Junge to senior VP of business management in wake of its acquisition of Midway Games. “Jeff is a tremendous asset to the studio and has been a key contributor to the success of many of the company’s major initiatives,” said Warner Home Entertainment president Kevin Tsujihara. “He is a strategic thinker, […]

  • NetDevil feels LEGO Universe will bridge the generation gap

    NetDevil has revealed that its upcoming MMO, LEGO Universe, could bridge the generation gap between parents and their children. “I talk a lot about the visual divide between generations, and I feel it quite acutely between, say my mother and my son,” the game’s creative director, Ryan Seabury, told Eurogamer. “His grandmother I can’t drag […]

  • LEGO Indiana Jones 2 to include co-op level creation

    LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues will allow not only level creation, but two players can create levels simultaneously. This new feature is expected for all console versions, and of course will not be shareable between consoles. It’s like a cross between ModNation Racers and LBP, according to Joystiq’s man on the floor at […]

  • Jackson track confirmed for Lego Rock Band

    Lego Rock Band will have a Jackson 5 track, Traveller’s Tales boss Jonathan Smith told VG247 this morning. “We have the Jackson 5′s amazing ‘I Want You Back’; “Breakout” by Foo Fighters, and ‘A-Punk’ from the brilliant Vampire Weekend,” said the developer. These new tracks are in addition to those confirmed when the game was […]

  • Lego Harry Potter – first movie

    Warner just released the first movie of Lego Harry Potter, as you can see after the break. The game will cover the first four years of Harry’s life in Hogwarts, and will release next year. Full details here.

  • Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues to release this autumn

    Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues will hit later this year, TT and Activision said today. The “hook” appears to be user-created levels. Wii, DS, PSP, PS3 and 360. No PS2: the dream’s over. PR after the break.

  • LEGO Battles gets a really, really cute trailer

    Sure it’s cute – it has LEGOs in it doing all sorts of LEGO stuff. Best part is you get to see all the space, castle and pirate toy lines from your youth battle it out together or against opponents. Just like you did with your hands and imaginations way back when. There’s a press […]

  • Lego Rock Band confirmed for 2009 release

    Warner’s just confirmed Lego Rock Band for 2009 release. The game’s on the way for Wii, PS3, 360, and DS. Songs included: Blur: “Song 2” Carl Douglas: “Kung Fu Fighting” Europe: “The Final Countdown” Good Charlotte: “Boys and Girls” Pink: “So What” Told you. Announcement after the break.

  • Lego Rock Band accidentally confirmed

    Harmonix designer Dan Teasdale’s confirmed on his blog that Lego Rock Band was supposed to be announced at GDC. He’s provided the slides to prove it. There’s a PDF there of an earlier version of the designer’s GDC session – obviously, it didn’t happen. Looks like Lego Rock Band was planned to be announced prior […]

  • Lego Prince of Persia toys cause game speculation

    Lego game rumors are always out and about, and today is no exception, with news emerging of a Prince of Persia line of toys based on the upcoming movie in 2010. When Disney announced that Lego would be releasing the toys, it only made sense that gaming sites would be buzzing about the possibility of […]

  • LEGO Battles heading to DS this summer

    Traveller’s Tales announced Lego Battles for DS today. The game will feature three Lego toy themes, and allow you to build your own fortresses and wage battle against other teams across six storylines and over 70 different levels. This means that your Lego pirates can battle wizards and aliens, and your dragons can knock about […]

  • No Lego Harry Potter in 2009, says Eurogamer source

    A “senior source” at Traveller’s Tales has told Eurogamer that there will be no Lego Harry potter in 2009. Rumours of the title’s existence first appeared at the beginning of December. VG247 was met with a “no comment” on the subject from Warner. The firm told Eurogamer’s Johnny Minkley in a radio interview over New […]

  • Rumour: Lego Rock Band in works at TT

    A VG247 source has claimed Traveller’s Tales is working on a Lego version of Rock Band for EA. Our chatterer assured us the information was “100 percent correct”. UK developer TT Games confirmed in a Radio One interview with EGTV’s Johnny Minkley last night that a Lego game is to be released this year, but […]

  • Lego Batman takes Children’s BAFTA

    Lego Batman’s won the Children’s BAFTA for Best Videogame 2008. “We’re absolutely delighted; it’s a very special accolade for the whole team,” said TT Games boss Jonathan Smith. “To get this acknowledgment, here in our home country of the UK, to be acknowledged by the British Academy for the work that everyone’s done on LEGO […]

  • Lego Batman demo up on Live

    According to the Major, a Lego Batman demo’s been upped onto Live. Blurb: [ESRB: E10+ (Everyone 10+) MILD CARTOON VIOLENCE] Download the demo! Fight the mayhem as superheroes Batman and Robin, or spread anarchy as one of the city’s many supervillians…all in LEGO form. Build and use new gadgets and weapons and take control of […]

  • Lego Batman gets PC demo

    On GamersHell. The taster’s nearly 500Mb in size. No idea what’s in it, but you may as well give it a waz anyway, assuming you haven’t already bought it. So off you go.

  • Lego Batman set for October 10 release

    Warner’s confirmed Lego Batman for an October 10 release in Europe. The game’s releasing for 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii and DS. And PC. Just in case. Press release – including plenty of content details – after the drop.

  • Lego Batman launch video released

    Warner Bros has put out the launch trailer for Lego Batman, as you can see after the link. You know exactly what this looks like, and probably whether or not you’re going to buy this already. So there we are. Watch it anyway. It’s out for DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360 […]

  • TT: We won’t take the piss with Lego games

    Lego Batman producer Rich Earl has told EG that you’re only going to get an appropriate amount of Lego games per year from TT. No one wants to take the piss, do they? “There’s an expectation now that there would be a Lego game per year, and we certainly feel that one or two games […]

  • Lego Batman to get own TV series

    Speaking with GI at Games Convention last week, Traveller’s Tales producer Rich Earl revealed that Lego Batman is set for it’s own TV series. “We’re looking to do… a Lego Batman series,” he said. “I think they’re looking at doing a one-off initially,” he went on. “And they’re basically able to utilise the assets, because […]

  • New Lego Batman media shows Alfred

    On Shacknews. Everyone needs butlers, innit. Bruce butler Alfred looks as though he’s handy with his tray, so thank God for that. There’s a movie and screens through there.

  • New Lego Batman trailer released

    After the break. See Bruce Wayne rather run through the Lego-filled Gotham streets bashing goons with his briefcase. We don’t know how that fits in with the DC Universe, but we’ll find out in September. Go look. It’s Saturday. By Mike Bowden

  • First images of Lego Bruce Wayne and Poison Ivy released

    Worthplaying has them. We’re trying to maintain enthusiasm, but this is starting to look like a Lego game with Batman characters, as opposed to a Lego games with Indiana Jones or Star Wars people. Go figure. By Mike Bowden

  • Traveller’s Tales details Guinness World Records game

    This Gaming Verdict interview with Travellers Tales’ Jon Smith’s yielded the first proper information about the upcoming Guinness World Records game, currently in the works at the Lego Indiana Jones developer. “Our Guinness World Records game enables you to create an avatar, then do the most amazing things imaginable,” said Smith. “You can break 40 […]

  • Even more Lego Batman shots

    How much can you take? A lot, evidently. Warner Bros has put out even more screens of the upcoming Lego Batman showing, you know, Lego Batman. On IGN. The game’s out in September.

  • New Lego Batman trailer released

    After the link. Shows the Joker and Harley Quinn doing evil stuff. Looks great. Game releases for every platform imaginable in September.

  • New Lego Indiana Jones shots posted

    Only two weeks to go! GameInfoWire‘s got some new screens of Lego Indiana Jones, and they look fantastic. Roll on June 6. Take a look.

  • Nordic Game: Children badly served by games, says TT head

    In his Nordic Game keynote, Traveller’s Tales boss Jonathan Smith said that lack of proper titles for children led him to create the Lego Star Wars series, according to GI report. “We believed that children were very badly served by the games they were being given,” he said. “As parents at the time with children […]

  • Nordic Game: Lego Star Wars has sold 18 million units, says TT boss

    Traveller’s Tales boss Jonathan Smith has kicked off this year’s Nordic Game by just telling attendees that the Lego Star Wars series has achieved sales of 18 million units to date. Expect more from the Swedish show throughout the day.

  • Lego Indiana Jones PC demo released

    It’s on Gamershell and it’ll cost you 464.62Mb of hard drive. No idea what’s actually included in it, but you owe it to yourself to find out. So do.