Sony files several trademarks with Japan’s Patent Office

Sony Computer Entertainment has filed several trademarks with the Japan Patent Office.


Trademarks headlines

  • Candy Crush Saga maker King withdraws trademark application for "Candy" in US

    Candy Crush Saga maker King has withdrawn its trademark application for “Candy” Kotaku reports.

  • Battle of Heroes and Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals trademarked by Ubisoft

    Ubisoft has registered two domains and has filed two trademarks for Battle of Heroes and Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals.

  • The Wonderful 101 trademark blocked in the US

    Nintendo of America has encountered difficulties securing a US trademark for The Wonderful 101. The Platinum Games title apparently sounds too similar to “The 101″, a previously filed trademark, although Nintendo has argued that its own mark is unlikely to cause confusion as the “wonderful” bit is the most memorable of the three components. You […]

  • Fire Emblem trademarks filed in Japan

    Nintendo Japan has filed two new trademarks, for Fire Emblem and Emblem. While the trademarks have sparked speculation that a new title is imminent, Fire Emblem: Awakening is still pretty fresh, so don’t get too excited. As for why Nintendo didn’t already hold these trademarks, there was some talk of Awakening being the last entry […]

  • Tales trademarks suggest new core entry next year

    Namco Bandai has made three trademarks apparently related to the Tales RPG franchise.

  • Prey trademarks extended

    Bethesda parent company Zenimax has filed three trademark extension applications related to Prey, according to Gamespot. Just as a reminder, trademark extensions are due when they’re due, so this doesn’t actually mean we’ll find out anything about the long-silent Prey 2 soon – although Bethesda has promised to make some more noise about upcoming releases […]

  • Bungie files five Destiny related trademarks

    Bungie has filed some interesting trademarks with the USPTO. Each were filed on March 11 and more likely than not pertain to Destiny in some way. The trademarks Cabal, Fallen, Glimmer, Hive and Vex fall under the umbrella for a variety of uses:game software, novels, costumes, TV, ringtones, and oddly enough, footwear. While Fallen has previously been used in promo […]

  • Guns & Souls, Hitman trademarks registered by Square Enix

    Square Enix Japan has registered a trademark for Guns & Souls in Europe. Dug up by Siliconera, other trademarks found by the site include: Hitman: International Contract Agency and Hitman: ICA. The site wonders if the Hitman trademarks have anything to do with the Hitman game Square Enix Montreal is working on. They could also […]

  • World War Z game trademarks filed

    Paramount has secured a pair of new trademarks for World War Z – the usual two-hit combo of “downloadable electronic game programs; electronic game software for handheld electronic devices; video game cartridges and discs” and “entertainment services, namely, providing online electronic games”. It may be just a protective measure or it may indicate we’ll see […]

  • GTA TV and Rockstar TV trademarks surface

    Take-Two has has filed trademarks for both GTA TV and Rockstar TV which has led some to speculate the firm plans to include some sort of trans-media promotion for GTA V.

  • Tuesday Shorts II: Tekken, Bungie, Atelier, FF Type-0, Rock of Ages

    If you thought the earlier shorts post was large, wait until you get a load of this one. Okay, we lied. It’s smaller – but not by much.

  • Nintendo files various Wii U trademarks in Japan

    Nintendo has filed numerous trademarks in Japan for gaming titles, and like various first-part titles in the past, the majority have the name of the console attached to the game’s title.

  • Bungie files business trademarks in Washington and Delaware for Bungie Aerospace Corporation

    Bungie has filed a trademark and logo for Bungie Aerospace Corporation with the Washington Secretary of State website as well as with the state of Delaware.

  • Zenimax trademark applications suggest possible names for upcoming New Vegas DLC

    NeoGAF has found three trademark applications from Zenimax, which has the net figuring the trademarks could indicate the names of possible DLC for Fallout: New Vegas.

  • Nintendo says, "It's on like Donkey Kong"

    Or it will be, if it gets the phrase trademarked.

  • Certain Affinity files trademark for Legend of Booty

    Certain Affinity, the makers of the fun strategy game Age of Booty, has filed a registration with the US Trademark Office for Legend of Booty.

  • Sony trademarks four new game titles

    Sony has filed trademarks for four new game titles.

  • Nintendo files trademark in Japan for The Last Story

    Nintendo has filed for a trademark in Japan, which registers the rights to “The Last Story”, according to Siliconera. The site was quick to point out that while the trademark is registered Japan, the words are in English and “Nintendo usually files names for upcoming games in Japanese unless the name is tied to an […]

  • ActiBlizz applies for Sing Hero trademark

    If the US government’s Patent and Trademark office’s website is to be believed, Activision’s applied for a trademark for Sing Hero. Surely it sounds like what it is–a competitor to Sony’s Singstar and Microsoft’s Lips. Looks as though ActiBlizz bossman Bobby Kotick wasn’t lying during his company’s financial call last month, when he said that […]