Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Farewell, Neversoft: I’ve never met a MF’er quite like you

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater developer Neversoft officially closed this week. Matt Martin says thanks for the games, the music and the career.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater headlines

  • Tony Hawk keen on making mobile games

    Prop skater Tony Hawk has suggested that he’d like to lend his name to mobile titles in a new interview. It’s been a while sine Activision last pushed out a core entry to the series – HD remake aside – but he reckon’s there’s life in the old Christ Air yet.

  • Tony Hawk: Peripheral glut was "kind of the end" of Pro Skater

    Tony Hawk has said his his series of licensed skating games fell apart because of feature glut, the death of peripherals, a rush job on Ride – and unfair criticism.