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  • Saturday shorts – Evil Ryu, SSFIV 3D, Hulu, STO, Fight Night Champion, sales

    Time for shorts. Read some headlines and look over the small fries below.

  • The Sims 3 console bug causing widespread crashing, EA baffled

    A recently discovered and very nasty bug in the console versions of The Sims 3 has caused dismay among players, and e no explanation from EA.

  • The Sims 3 arrives on Steam

    “I am not interested in playing virtual soap opera dollies,” you tell yourself. “And anyway, I only buy games through digital distribution on account of living in the future.” But EA know the deep secrets of your Sim-torturing heart. The Sims 3 is now available on Steam.

  • Sims 3D shots feature sims in 3D

    Following yesterday’s 3DS info-vomit for the US and Europe, EA’s bunged out some shots of The Sims 3 for the machine. This is listed as one of the “launch period” titles, so you’ll be playing this before E3 in June.

  • Lewie’s Weekly Deals – Mirror’s Edge PC for £5, BioShock 2 for £6.30

    Happy Monday. Here’s another compilation of fantastic deals on cheap games. This week it’s mostly excellent discounts on stuff you might have missed first time round, and one item I’m sure is going to be in demand this Christmas. For updates on what games are being discounted at all times, make sure to check […]

  • Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack ships to stores

    Because nothing says “easy” like dancing on a bar in your skivvies.

  • EA registers The Sims 4 domain [Update]

    Update: As Destructoid points out, EA’s also register, and Guess there’s no need to call the Hardy Boys. Original: EA has registered, suggesting its currently working on yet another title in the series. Bet you never saw that coming.

  • EA release The Sims 3 console screens

    EA has released a bunch of new screens for The Sims 3 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Catch them after the break.

  • EA announces Alice and more at CA Showcase – first Alice trailer included

    EA used its Summer Showcase to debut the next Alice title from American McGee, a first trailer for 38 Studios’ Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and more this evening, but fell short of a proper megaton. Get all the news, press releases and media after the break.

  • The Sims 3 invading consoles this fall

    EA has announced that The Sims 3 will land on consoles and DS this fall.

  • Sims 3 coming to consoles this Christmas

    EA’s confirmed the console versions of The Sims 3 will release in the Holiday season this year.

  • Dr Pepper teams up with EA to hand out gaming codes

    EA and Dr Pepper are teaming up to offer people gaming codes for chugging the popular soft drink.

  • The Sims 3 video is much better than Twilight

    A new video for The Sims 3, which had an expansion called World Adventures come out this week, has surfaced. It makes fun of the Twilight saga, by parodying New Moon. Actually, it looks loads better to us. We would actually pay to see this in theaters. Watch on below. In other Sims news, there’s […]

  • The Sims 3 expansion pack has tools for underground construction

    The Sims 3 expansion pack World Adventures will come packed with basement tools, which allow players to create underground structures with up to four levels. EA has added tomb objects for exploratory adventures and purposes and certain ones -like the Fogger – hides unexplored areas from view, or hidden stairways which lead to secret passages. […]

  • EA Q1 financials: Sims 3 sells 3.7 million units

    The EA financial call is still ongoing and in it the company revealed that The Sims 3 has sold 3.7 million copies. Sims 3 was the top selling title in North America and Europe for the quarter, it was revealed. There’s loads of Sims fans out there, apparently. Full financials can been read here.

  • EA announce The Sims 3: World Adventures for PC

    EA has announced the first expansion pack for The Sims 3, known as The Sims 3: World Adventures, which will ship worldwide on November 16. The expansion sees your Sims taken out of Sunset Valley as they go across around the world to countries including China, France and Egypt. Press release and the first three screens […]

  • June NPDs: The Sims takes top three spots, knocks WoW to number four

    NPD numbers for PC sales in June finally arrived, and like EA claimed already, The Sims destroyed the charts. The third main release in the series took the top two spots with The Sims 2 coming in at number three. Blizzard’s behemoth World of Warcraft took the fourth, fifth, seventh and eleventh spots, so no […]

  • Sims 3 tops June NPD PC chart

    The NPD Group has revealed that EA’s The Sims 3 was the best selling game for the PC last month. Unfortunately, the NPD Group no longer distributes PC sales data publicly, but it has revealed the above. EA said that The Sims 3 sold 1.4 million in June. Thanks, Edge.

  • Fight Night Round 4 debuts at no. 1 in UK charts [Update]

    If you hadn’t guessed after reading the headline; Fight Night Round 4 sits top of the tree in this week’s serving of UK chart action. It’s punched Prototype off top spot which in turn has pushed The Sims 3 to third. Full top ten here: Update: Worth a mention: GI points out that this is […]

  • EA and Dr Pepper link for marketing push

    EA and Dr Pepper are to announce a “multi-million dollar” marketing deal, according to IndustryGamers. This isn’t your common or garden stuff, from the look of it. The partnership will see EA integrate original content related to Dr Pepper in its games, starting with The Sims 3 in early 2010. In addition, EA will work […]

  • Sims 3 leak was “demo program,” says Riccitiello

    The pirated version of The Sims 3 acted as a demo to some, EA boss John Riccitiello has joked. He’s a funny guy. “You identified our secret marketing campaign!” Riccitiello told IndustryGamers. “That was a very large scale – concentrated on Poland and China – demo program. “In the game that was pirated there’s [only] […]

  • UK charts – Sims 3 holds lead

    The Sims 3 has taken a second week at the top of the UK chart, with Prototype settling for a pleasing number two debut. Worth noting World at War’s re-entry into the top ten. The power of DLC, right there. Last week’s chart here. Data below for the week ending June 13.

  • Sims 3 sells 1.4 million in first week

    EA’s claimed that The Sims 3′s sold over 1.4 million units in its first week on sale. The figure includes both Mac and PC SKUs. The company also said it had seen more than 7 million downloads of user-created content in the same period. More on GI.

  • Pirated Sims 3 has been downloaded 180,000 times already

    According to a Bloomberg report, The Sims 3 has been pirated and downloaded approximately 180,000 times between May 18 and 21. It’s not out until June 2, and EA says that the pirated version is not even the full thing. “The pirated version is a buggy, pre-final build of the game,” said EA rep Holly […]

  • Sim 3 video shows different aspects of life and gameplay

    A Sims 3 video called Living the Life is posted for you after the break. Shows families, picnics, videogames, butterflies, kissing, dancing, fishing, happy people – the usual stuff you’d see in a Norman Rockwell painting, along with exercise and walking around in your underwear. Play UK has the game listed for a June 5 […]

  • Sims 3 – new screens, has probably gone gold

    A few new shots of The Sims 3 after the break, two of which were labelled “gone gold” on Gamespress. This may mean the game’s gone gold. Watch for a press release later. It’s out on June 5.

  • Sims 3 could move 4 million this year, says analyst

    Janco’s Mike Hickey has predicted that The Sims 3 could sell up to 4 million units in 2009. Sims 2 sold an estimated 3.5 units in calendar 2004. Sims 3 releases in June. Hickey also said he expects the upcoming Harry Potter game to sell about 3.2 million units sold-in. More on Gama.

  • Sims 3 to get second town, online store, more

    A second Sims 3 town will be available for the game from launch, EA just announced. The extra play space, named Riverview, is one of a set of online features to be provided for the game, which also include a shop, a community “launcher” and a website with movie creation features. A lifetime’s Christmases, all […]

  • Sims 3 – new shots

    More EA media popped up overnight in the form of new Sims 3 screens, as seen on Gamespot. It’s out in June for both PC and Mac. Lifting virtual weights was never so appealing.

  • EA: No-DRM policy just for Sims 3 for now

    Having confirmed that The Sims 3 will have no online protection yesterday, the company’s now said the policy will only extend to that single game for now. “We are just looking at this solution for The Sims 3 at the moment,” a rep told Eurogamer. Maxis boss Rod Humble said on his blog this week […]